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A violent wave of violence that strikes part of the Arab world. How to deal with this?

Shady Abdel Hafez

Meanwhile, the Arab world is facing a serious heat wave that will peak this Thursday. Many Arab countries will exceed rates by a large margin, and then at the beginning of the next week the temperature will gradually decrease.

Heat waves
Heat waves are a sudden increase in temperature from the average in a given area, which is usually accompanied by a parallel increase in humidity.

From the point of view of weather and climate, the definition of hot weather depends somewhere on the temperatures, and if the current rate in the city is 30 ° C, then increases to 40 ° for a few days a year, it is a hot wave, Some areas may not be warm for others.

The current heat wave begins in North Africa, in particular in Algeria, then in Libya, Egypt, and then moves to the Arabian Peninsula, in all these regions the temperature is gradually rising above the 40 ° C barrier.

The heat wave will affect the Middle East and North Egypt (Weather site Island / Akio)

The current heat wave exposes the lives of millions of people because it is expected to reach a peak of 15 ° C above normal rates.

Expected risk
The danger of heat waves is mainly caused by droughts, which clearly grow during the month of Ramadan due to abstinence from drinking.

The first symptoms of dryness appear in irregular heartbeats, with obvious episodes of fatigue and tension, leading to headaches and nausea. People most susceptible to drought are often middle-aged or older.

When the temperature rises, water is the best way to cool the body (Reuters)

Thermal stress is more likely for employees working with the sun, because as the temperature increases, the body reacts to sweating, because the sweat evaporates the blood from the blood vessels, helping to cool the whole body.

In working conditions demanding heat, an adult may lose about 1.5 liters of sweat per hour, so it must be replaced with drinking water, but there is no fast, which may cause low blood pressure. Medical situation with tragic consequences.

The average person can avoid these consequences, which can be influenced by categories such as pregnant women, children, diabetes and stress, for example patients with kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and epileptic patients.

How do you cope with the heat wave?

  1. Cool the body with water as much as possible.
  2. Avoid staying in closed cars or leaving children for any reason, because the temperature is rising very fast.
  3. Close windows exposed to the sun during hot weather.
  4. Avoid direct contact with the sun, especially during fast times, mainly between 11:00 and 15:00.
  5. Wear light, cotton and white clothes, and if you decide to go down the street, put on your hat.
  6. Immediately contact the salvation if you feel severe stress, dizziness, self-employment or obvious confusion.
  7. Avoid exercising such as walking and running during hot weather.

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