«Adequacy of dental floss and art» (video)


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Wednesday, November 21, 2018 23:45 The great artist Mohamed Sobhi expressed his dissatisfaction with the statements of actor Ashraf Abdelbagi, who described the theater as a "curtain and chair" that contained the sneer of Sobhi himself.

He said in his meeting with the program "Everyday" in the space "OnE" on Wednesday evening: "Oh, Ashraf, you do not make sketches, this is not a problem, but the disadvantage is that Mohamed Sobhi controls his representatives."

He said: "We are not in coffee, we are in the fate of the country of the adopted and human Beethoven, and I say: there is an Arabian monetary figure questioned: How to call it the theater of the Arab Republic of Egypt?

Sobhi refused to name the theater of the Arab Republic of Egypt for the performances of «Abdel-Baki» and his band, and said: "No defect, if I call the theater teams of the Arab Republic of Egypt, I do not pray every day."

He said he was "a product of a generation of pioneers and great people who gave Egypt a reputation, so that Abdel Nasser stays in Morocco, and the one who opposes his convoy and tells him handed over to Ismail Yassin, art continues to increase the value of the Arab Republic of Egypt ".

There are artists who live in homes without work because of their dignity, they do not want to be annoying, but if you worked a lot of money, in the era of vigilance, the defect remained in the Arab Republic of Egypt, so much remains the oldest art ».

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