Tuesday , October 27 2020

Arab archives are one of the most important challenges in the Arab world

The Arab League General Secretary Ahmed Aboul Gheit said that Arab archives, in their cultural and cultural concept and in Arab national content, are one of the most important challenges facing joint Arab action in the light of attempts to destroy their identity and falsify their historical content by archives Arab. Intellectual of the Arab people.

Aboul Gheit said in a speech on Monday, the seventh anniversary of the Arab documentary day at the League's Secretariat General, given that the day is an opportunity to shed light on the daily memory of Palestinians of plunder and rape through Israeli occupation, which requires an exceptional effort is an archive and documentary community around the world to preserve the vivid memory of the Palestinian people.

At the beginning of his speech, Aboul Gheit welcomed the audience and thanked them for their participation in the celebration of the Arab Document Day and paid tribute to all Arab documents, institutions and the role of Arab documents on this occasion.

He added that this year's Arab Document Day celebrations titled "Arab archives: reality and hopes" emphasize the importance of the documentary archive, which is an integral part of the Arab cultural heritage and one of the elements of the national identity of the Arab people whose preservation is a national duty.

He noted that the League of Arab States was always willing to provide the necessary political and moral support in this important issue, and developed a unified Arab strategy in cooperation with the regional Arab branch of the International Council of Archives, approved by the Council of the League of Arab States at ministerial level in 2016, A this strategy included an Arab charter aimed at archiving. Promoting and developing this sector in Arab countries to keep pace with current progress in this field, including calling for the adoption of a single Arab archival policy and broadening horizons of cooperation between Arab countries in the field of archives, in particular through exchange of experience and successful practices; Evil awareness of the importance of the archive and its role in the society of Arab levels, regional and international … and under the supervision of the Arab Regional Branch of the International Council of Archives.

Aboul Gheit called on the Arab Regional Branch of the International Council of Archives to intensify all possible efforts to implement the provisions of this strategy, which set out an action plan and specific technical mechanisms to develop the reality of Arab archives in order to raise it to higher levels, expressing the hope that a scientific symposium organized by the Arab Regional Branch of the International International Council The archives at the end of the Arab document day have their recommendations in this regard, wishing you all the best symposium.

Aboul Gheit also congratulated the Republic of Sudan on the success of cultural events in the city of Port Sudan, which was chosen as the capital of Arab culture for 2019, given that the event contributed to highlighting the specifics and excellence of the Sudanese national cultural project in the Arab and African regions.

He also congratulated Palestine on choosing Bethlehem as the capital of Arab culture for 2020, expressing confidence in his ability to organize this important event and eagerly awaiting the coming year, which will be an opportunity to shed light on the status of the city that witnessed the birth of Jesus Christ and his suffering as a result of the occupation. And a siege and humiliation.

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