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FilGoal | News Everything you need to know about the World Cup in 2019

The 22nd edition of the FIFA U-20 World Championship in Poland begins with four matches.

The tournament starts on Thursday and ends on June 15.

The tournament, which took place for the first time in 1977 in Tunisia, is held for the fifth time in Europe for the first time since the 2013 version played in Turkey.

FilGoal.com Shows the most important characters and teams and stadiums that cover 24 teams.

Tournament system

The tournament consists of 24 teams divided into 6 groups, each with 4 teams: the first and the second place qualify for the final round, thus qualifying the four best teams in third place to complete the qualifying round to 16, starting from the knockout stage.

In the case of a tie in the number of points, Al-Faysal will be the difference between the goals and then the number of saved goals, and then the result of direct confrontations, and then the difference between rival teams and then the number of goals registered between the rival teams.

The tournament includes six European teams, four from Africa, one from Asia, North and South America and two from Oceania (Australia) to be 24.

Defending champion

In the sixth edition in a row, defending champions do not defend their title in the next edition, and this time the team of England, which won the title of the last version of 2017, did not qualify after losing in the annex to Norway.

Argentina is the most crowned champion with six titles, followed by Brazil with five titles, Portugal and Serbia, each with two titles and titles for Ghana, Spain, the Soviet Union, England, West Germany and France.

No Brazilian team for the second edition in a row and a third of the last 4 copies, but remains the most visible from 18 times to 22 of them 16 in a row.

Arab achievements

The current tournament includes Saudi Arabia and Qatar Green is in the fifth group with Panama, Mali and France, and Annabi in group D with Nigeria, Ukraine and the United States.

The tournament took place on Arab lands five times, the last of which was a tournament conducted by Egypt in 2009, the first in Tunis in 1977, and the second in 1989, Qatar in 1995, UAE 2003.

The best Arab achievements are the second place in Qatar in 1981, the third third in Egypt in 2001, the Fourth Morocco in 2005, and the fourth in Iraq in 2013.

Emirati Ismail Matar is the only Arab who won the best player in 2003, while Iraqi Hussein Saeed and Egyptian Tahir Abu Zeid ranked second in the ranking of the goals of the competition in 1977 and 1981 respectively.


In contrast to Poland, Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań and Gdańsk, the tournament takes place in smaller cities and stadiums with 20,000 fans to ensure mass public presence in six different cities.

Bielsko Biwa – Municipal Stadium and can accommodate 15076 spectators. City

Bidzouz City – Dzizwaf Kikshavyak stadium with a capacity of 20,247 spectators is the largest stadium in the tournament.

The city of Gdynia – Jocer stadium, which can accommodate up to 15 139 spectators.

The city of Lodz – Zvidzeva Stadium can accommodate 18008 spectators and the opening match and the final.

The city of Lublin – Arena Arena Lublin, which can seat 15 500 spectators.

Tishi City – Tishi city stadium, housing 15,600 spectators.

Logo and tournament Amulet

In connection with the hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the Polish Football Association and the host of the first FIFA Championship, the championship is characterized by the presence of "Pink saffron", which blooms in spring in Poland and is to be painted in the colors of the Polish flag, symbolizing new faces.

The Polish bison will be the official tournament mascot named "Mani" and has long, rough hair around the neck of this animal.

Egyptian presence

The Egyptian team will leave the third edition in a row after their last participation in 2013, which ended with a farewell to the group stage, Egypt has 8 best stocks in 2001, with the third.

Despite the lack of Egypt's participation in the band, it is the presence of video technology Mahmoud Abu al-Rajab and Jihad Jarisha.

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