Tuesday , November 24 2020

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Former Al-Jaish coach and former Zamalek star Abdel Hamid Bassiouni thinks Al-Ahly has many strengths, but sometimes one of those points is a weakness.

FilGoal.com hosts the coaches who faced coach Al-Ahly Pitso Mosimani and Zamalek coach Jaime Pacheco ahead of the hundred-year-old finals where both teams compete for the CAF Champions League title next Friday.

Bassiouni coached Talaia Al-Jaysh in his recent confrontation with Al-Ahly and Musimani, losing 3-0 to him at the end of the tournament.

First, FilGoal.com asked Bassiouni, How are you preparing to meet Al-Ahly?

Basically you have to psychologically qualify the players that they will soon meet a great and respected team like the league champions.

What are the most important keys to playing Al-Ahly?

Al-Dhuhairan Muhammad Hani and Ali Maaloul have a lot of solutions and Aliu Diang is a defensive midfielder who adds to that he is a good ball breaker, good passing and also a three-way behind the spearhead. Walid Soliman.

How do I turn off these switches?

First you need to close the spaces. The team must move in a single block, not exceeding 30 yards, in the center or behind the circle, and must not give qualified players a chance to substitute.

You have to close both sides, the whole team needs to be within 30 yards and the winger should come closer to the back and the midfielder with them to close each front with 3 players and 5 players closing the back.

What about Al-Ahly’s weaknesses?

I can’t describe it as weaknesses, but there are weaknesses that exist with most Egyptian teams. Maaloul and Hani develop a lot, so they leave behind a space that can be used.

Egyptian clubs are generally not very good at crosses as defenders are looking at the ball and not at the forward and attention must be paid to them.

What would you say to Zamalek’s players before the game if you were his coach?

Players are motivated in such matches and I will advise them to be tactical, meaning that no player goes outside the system and sabotages the tactical system on the pitch.

There has to be commitment throughout the match, each player has tasks to follow, and there is no complacency or relaxation throughout the match.

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