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Financial assistance paid to 30 poor families during a public meeting in Beni Suef

Governor Beni Suef, Governor Bani Sweif's advisor, provided urgent financial assistance to 30 poor families from governors and villages on Wednesday to help them cope with the burden of life during a weekly public meeting at the Governor's office to identify people's demands and complaints. Directives and authorizations to resolve them, in the light of available options.

It was in the presence of Dr. Ares Salam, deputy governor, general of the Issam Al-Alqami division, secretary general and competent officials who accelerated the solutions and agreed to implement them according to a specific schedule.

Mohammed Safwat, CEO of Citizens Service, reviewed the proposals that the governor ordered to examine before the meeting in time for the meeting to be productive and successful, with the possibility of receiving more requests and complaints from citizens.

During the meeting, the governor responded to the demands of many citizens from 5 villages in the centers of "Al-Fashn, Wahnassia and Beni Suef", with the preview and examination of others that require technical, financial and administrative vision to implement the proposed solutions and alternatives.

The governor stressed the need for close contact with citizens and a close understanding of their problems and suffering in all sectors, stressing that the satisfaction of citizens and meeting their requirements, as well as seeking solutions to problems with all available tools, all the basic criteria for success, calling for the importance of teamwork and integration in the public interest and achieve Citizens' demands, who strive for great effort and act sincerely

Governor Beni Suef expressed his admiration for a group of young people from the village of Aqfhis Balfashin, who participated in the search for the general requirements of his village, stressing that they are an example for young people who are interested in their society and demand that they play a development role in their village and they mobilized all social and popular efforts to promote them in all areas.

The Governor of the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the civil society association in the village, "to implement development projects in the village" to equip the Aqfhas rural hospital and make it an outstanding center for women and children to provide more medical and therapeutic services for the villagers. The governor stressed the speed of adoption of the necessary documents to keep records of the population in the village, in order to facilitate services for citizens.

The governor also asked the head of the water supply company to quickly prepare the estimated value of work on the completion of the village sanitation project to obtain an additional loan for work. Limitations of available resources.

The Governor quickly ordered the necessary procedures to prepare a plot for Rashin Al-Mardom Bank and evacuees to set up a public high school that would serve the village and called for a letter to the Ministry of Irrigation to hand over the rest of the area to the Governor. .

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