Get acquainted with the map of religious equipment convoys for the upcoming Friday


The Ministry of Awqaf has extended convoys to adolescents of Awqaf to the governors of Minya, Beheir and Mars Matrouh next Friday under the title: Prophet of Mercy, as we should know.

The first convoy will be created for the governor of Minya.

• Dr. Hisham Abdel Aziz Ali.

• Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Hamid.

Sheikh Salah Sayed Attieh.

Sheikh Ibrahim Ahmed Abdul Mohsen Mohammed.

Sheikh Khamis Abdul Fattah Suleiman.

Sheikh Nour Al – Din Abdul – Jaid Mohammed.

Sheikh Mohamed Ibrahim Al – Desouki.

Sheikh Mohammed Jumada Mohammed Mohammed.

Sheikh Rajab Mohammed Abdul Majid Mohammed.

• Sheikh Mahmoud Mohammed Saeed.

And the second convoy to Wadi al-Natroun in the lake province and take part in:

Sheikh Shaaban Mohammed Abdul Hamid Fatah Al Bab.

• Sheikh Mohammed Khaled Salem.

Sheikh Salama Mohammed Abdullah.

Sheikh Abdul Karim Mohammed Al-Barqmani.

Sheikh Tahir Naim Salim Sobh.

And the third convoy to Marsa Matruh province and take part in:

• Dr. Ramadan Abdel Samie Ibrahim.

• Dr. Osama Fakhri Fikry.

• Dr. Sabri Helmi Ghayati.

• Dr. He told Hamid Mabrouk.


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