He killed the housekeeper on the Alayat train


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A housewife killed on the Alayat train on the part of the delegation, Thursday Thursday, November 15, 2018.

He killed the housekeeper on the Alayat trainPhoto archive

Books – Ahmed Sharabash:

The landlady was killed under the wheels of the train of Upper Egypt in Al Ayyat, henna was lifted off the tracks and moved to the morgue as part of the preparations for her burial.

The help room received a message from the parents at Ayat Railway Station, the woman's fall on the train wheels and immediately killed.

Security forces were moved to the scene of the incident, the body turned out to be a housewife from the village of El-Leish in El-Ayat, called Najwa Ahmed, transferred to the morgue, the accusation was informed and a burial permit was issued.

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