Liverpool want to maintain an advantage over the Red Star in the Champions League


Manchester United FC forward Mohamed Salah will visit the Serbian Red Star at 20:00 at the Red Star stadium in the fourth round of the Champions League match in the C-match, which is witness to the absence of Sheridan Shakeri for political reasons.

According to English press reports, the Albanian owner Sherdan Shakeri may be attacked by Serbian fans due to a political conflict between two countries in which the player entered the World Cup provocatively after his goal in Serbia. .

Albania and Serbia are experiencing historical enemies because of political conflicts and wars in the past, Serbia refuses to recognize the province of Kosovo as an independent state, while Albania believes in the existence of a "great albanian" state that covers both the territory and parts of Serbia.

Liverpool are at the top of group C with 6 points, one ahead of Italy Napoli, two points behind third place Paris Saint-Germain, and the Red Star is fourth and final with one point.

Liverpool want to repeat their victory over the Serbian Red Star to increase their hopes for promotion to the last 16 and ensure that they remain at the top of the group before Paris St Germain in Paris & # 39; Princes & # 39; Garden in Paris and Napoli at Anfield in the last two rounds.

Mohammed Salah can not wait to pursue a career at Liverpool at the European level after scoring two goals in a third round match at Anfield.

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp chose 21 players from the list: Fabio, Van Dyck, Fendallum, Louvre, Milner, Keita, Fermino, Sadio Mani, Mohamed Salah, Gomez, Alison, Sturridge, Moreno, Lalana, Oregon, Solange, Matip, Kilhair, Arnold.


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