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Photos from Ramses' car for the history of the electric car in Egypt


The price of the first Egyptian car produced was 200 pounds, the car was booked by Ramses, and then picked up within 3 months to one year.

Thus, Egypt began to produce cars effectively from 1960 to 1972.

According to the information provided, the Al Nasr Automotive Company, which was founded for one of the most important car factories in this period, began assembling cars and then manufacturing cars in addition to the production of spare parts with the help of western engines in manufactured cars.


According to information, the company enjoyed great interest from President Gamal Abdel Nasser, who checked it more than once to encourage a local product that lasted until 1972, and then ceased as a result of Al Nasr's alliance with the Italian company Fiat to produce cars of different Nasr and Fiat car models with different models until the company stopped 2009.

Al-Nasr was liquidated and the Extraordinary General Meeting decided to end its liquidation and bring it back to life. Two stages went through the first stage of announcing the production of the car in agreement with the Japanese company Nissan, and then the contract with the Chinese company producing types of electric cars, both angels and taxis, was finally completed.


The Minister of Public Business Sector announced the signing of a final contract with a Chinese company regarding the establishment of the first electric car at Al-Nasr.

About the company's ability to manufacture a car, informed source said that the company has the infrastructure and production capacity, but will have to "form" a new car, and during the first trip will be imported engine and chassis, while the company can produce the rest of the components by more than 55%.


The source said that the company can produce car body and windshields, and the first stage is the use of locally produced tires and electric circuits and home batteries, and then along with the development and delivery of modern technologies, it is fully manufactured for cars and exported from the company to various countries around the world .

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