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«Serial killer» talks about his crimes: «Aashrthn sexually wellness … and stolen earrings and wheat»

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Prosecutor Bani Sweif ordered on Thursday the imprisonment of the "serial killer" Beni Suef, Mustafa Ahmed Abdelqawi and his famous Mustafa Al-Ghamrawi, 65 years old, a farmer and dangerous registrar, four days in the investigation, accused of killing four women, including two Copts, for the theft and rape of two, the Prosecutor's Office ordered the autopsy of dead women and their injuries.

The accused Mustafa Ahmed Abdul Qawi and the fame of Mustafa Ghamrawi made dramatic testimony at the headquarters of the prosecutor's office in Beni Suef, saying that he was a resident of "Ezbet Zalta", belonging to the village of Abshna, Beni Suef Center, and this is not the first time to lure older women.

"I tried to steal a woman in Fayoum, I tried to kill her and steal her golden throat, but she didn't die. I was arrested and the court sentenced me to 10 years in prison. "

He stated that the security director of Beni Suef "recognized the rude registrar as dangerous under (337/7) theft of livestock category (A), and previously she was charged and convicted in 36 cases, the most important of which was murder and robbery, and issued against me 9 decisions on criminal arrest ».

"Before Eid al-Adha, I saw a woman walking down the road to Tuzmint al-Sharqiya, next to Mohiuddin's position in the city of Beni Suef. She had a golden ear in her ear, so I went to her and started talking to her, giving birth to pregnancy. She refused, and during my conversation with her I found that in the place where we walk, there is no one and I saw brick mold, I took him and beat her on the head until she died and stole her gold earring, and found 250 pounds next to her, and I hide my throat in my house Izbet Zalat, I discovered that the throat is not golden, but Chinese ».

"I came home and did not sleep that day because this lady came to me in a dream until I woke up in the morning and spoiled my fast and had a cup of tea."

He continued: «June 3, I was in a difficult financial situation and wanted money. I found a Ghalban woman walking around the city of Beni Suef, I approached her and knew her name was Fayza Youssef Abdel Sayed Ghali, 60, a housewife from Atfih center, Giza and allegedly lured her. She escorted her to someone who gives away meat for free in the village of Sharif Forage. When we went together, I took the opportunity to pass by and asked her for money and gold jewelry. I found nothing with her. I had sexual hatred with her, and when she screamed, she threatened to expose me. Mute her breath and hit her with her feet until she leaves District E and the dumping channel in the village, and I returned to my home ».

"I went to Ezbet al-Daramli, in the village of Manshiyat Haider, in the Beni Suef district. I was dating someone. I saw a woman sitting by the canal and sat down next to her and asked her name, "said 81-year-old Saada Mohammed Ahmed Awad, a village housewife. Dawalta Center Beni Suef and I sat down Balsalha did not find anyone in the place of Vdbth until she lost consciousness and stole her gold earring and threw it into the canal and kept her throat in my house ».

He added that "a fourth lady from Abassiri Street and was sitting next to a tree, so I went to her and asked her name, said Saadia Jouda Ahmed Salama, 78, a housewife and had Shawala with bread and wheat, I told her that I knew someone who can give you wheat, and I lured her to Ezbet Ali Bahloul, in the center of Beni Suef, by one of the waterways, and asked her for money that I didn't find anything, so I assaulted her sexually and when she screamed without saying already about her breath, beat her until her last breath, took Shawal's bread and wheat and returned home ».

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