Monday , November 30 2020

Strangulation … Separation … Divorce … What is going on between Amr the Diab and Dina El-Sherbina?

He released the news of the great artist’s separation Amr diab On the authority of his wife, artist Dina El-Sherbina, the scene after a public dispute broke out between them in a cafe, according to eyewitnesses.

Echo of the country has learned from a source close to the famous art duo that there is no separation between them, as reported, indicating that the matter is limited to Dina El-Sherbina leaving her home on the plateau for a few days, justifying the lack of any painting that binds them almost a month since their last appearance at the El Gouna Film Festival.

The source added that Amr Diab and Dina El-Sherbiny have not divorced and are still married to date.

Dina El-Sherbiny continues to follow Amr Diab on her Instagram account and keeps their photos and videos, the latest being a video celebrating his birthday, while Amr Diab has only been following the account since joining the Instagram world of his music company “Nai”.

The couple’s last performance together was at an Amra Diab concert at the El Gouna Film Festival, which ended last month.

On the other hand, Amr Diab released his new song “Al Jaw Jameel” using the song “Anghami”, which is derived from the words of Muhammad Al-Qayati, a Muhammad Yahya melody distributed by Ahmed Adel, Mix and master Amir Mahrous.

Amr Diab released his new song “Ahi Ahi” some time ago, in which he collaborates with the Greek singer Irene Papadopoulou and from the words of Ayman Bahjat Qamar, composed by Muhammad Yahya, mixing and mixing Adel Hakki, and was recorded between Egypt, Greece and Spain, with the participation of foreign musicians. The performers are Enrique Bermouds “Flamenco Guitar”, Thanos Stavridis “Accordion” and Dimitris Labas “Accordion”.

It is worth noting that the latest work of Dina El Sherbini is the series “The Game of Forgetting”, which was shown last Ramadan 2020, in which Mostafa Fahmy starred.

The series revolves around Ruqaya waking up from a 4-month coma and discovering that she doesn’t remember anything that happened in the last six years of her life and that she caused her husband to die from adultery.

Dina El-Sherbiny is waiting for the screening of “Some Don’t Go to the Marriage Officer Twice”, in which she stars with artist Karim Abdel Aziz and Majed El-Kadwany, written by Ayman Wattar and directed by Khaled El Halafawa.

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