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Symptoms of appendicitis in children requiring surgical intervention

Appendicitis in children is not only painful but also potentially dangerous for their lives. However, at present, surgical intervention is not immediately applied, and doctors first resort to antibiotics.

German pediatrician Hermann Joseph Kall explained that the cause of appendicitis is not precisely known, and doctors are probably caused by stool remnants that are associated with appendicitis, which help multiply the bacteria that cause inflammation. Intestinal parasites may also be the cause.

Pains around the navel
He added that the symptoms of appendicitis are abdominal pain, which increases with time, especially around the navel around the stomach, towards the lower abdomen on the right side, as well as loss of appetite, fever, vomiting, fatigue and exhaustion.

The German doctor said that if the child is unable to lift or raise the right foot, or do it with pain, it is a warning sign of appendicitis.

For its part, prof. Brend Telig said that in addition to a clinical trial and measuring the inflammatory value of blood, ultrasound is an important diagnostic tool, and the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in this way is 90%.

Specialists in pediatric surgery do not have to undergo surgery immediately, and simple appendicitis can often be treated with antibiotics.

But he should go to the hospital to get antibiotics in the first three days as solutions.

In this way, the action of antibiotics is faster, and the doctors take the necessary actions if the antibiotics do not bring the desired effect.

Surgical intervention
If the inflammation is severe or if it persists after antibiotic treatment for 3 days, remove the appendix to avoid rupture and reach the purulent stool and infectious bacteria in the abdomen, increasing the risk of serious peritonitis. Abdominal lining.

Professor Tim Nihuis emphasized that the child should be observed in the hospital after surgery, indicating that the child can return home after two to five days.

The pediatrician added that after returning home, the child must feel good, noting that after about a week he can go to school or kindergarten.

You should also consult a doctor in case of problems such as fever or redness of the wound.

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