The average size of state expenditures for a patient with tuberculosis is 3,000 pounds


Dr Wajdi Amin, the executive director of the National TB Control Program, Director of Thoracic Diseases, revealed the state's efforts to treat tuberculosis patients and pointed out that there is a strategic plan to reduce infection rates according to global indicators and eliminate TB epidemic by 2030 .

Ameen pointed out that the monthly subsidy allowance is due to patients suffering from tuberculosis during treatment, as well as the costs of treatment, diagnosis and analysis, which is about 3,000 pounds, while preventative treatment provides the patient's environment, as well as the infection control team at the highest level.

He added, "Amin," in a special statement to "Vito" that the overall rate targets the existence of 12 cases per 100,000 population, and now in Egypt, in a ratio of 13 cases per 100,000 citizens and over the next 3 years,.

The executive director of the National TB Control Program, Tuberculosis is treated in all Sadr hospitals and the clinic for free and carries out all tests and analyzes free of charge, noting that the cure rates are higher in Egypt compared to the citizens of the affected countries.


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