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The frequency of New Birds of Paradise on Nilesat – Kalma dot org

We offer the frequency of new Birds of Paradise channels on Nilesat, where many mothers and fathers are looking for a new frequency of the toyor baby channel to follow the best songs and short songs that children like. To watch all animated programs throughout the day, without interrupting or interrupting, through, we will help all Al Ahli in Arab countries in the Arab world to introduce a new frequency of the Baby Birds channel on the NileSat satellite.

Frequency of the bird channel of the new paradise for children

By adjusting the frequency of the new channel for children, all children from one to three years of age can follow the content of channel management throughout the day, and channel management is happy to develop children's talents and develop their cognitive skills through the songs they emit during the day. Phoenix project in Arabic and foreign languages ​​to help children pronounce letters and numbers in Motion Graphics animated films, which is one of the most modern means that attracts the attention of all children, where the channel was a great success in a very short time due to video teaching songs days Colors, letters, numbers and names of vegetables and fruits of all kinds.

SatelliteFrequencyDirectionCoding speedError correction factor

I have a children's channel, Bibi. Many other packages that speak English and Turkish can also run the channel without a rhythm for those who want their parents to download the new channel frequency for children with channels through the frequencies shown in the previous table. Have a nice time watching.

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