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The Minister for Housing reviews the situation regarding drinking water and sanitation in the governorate of Giza

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Dr. Assem El-Gazzar, Minister for Housing, Municipal Services and Urban Communities, had an extensive meeting with officials from the drinking water and sanitation sector to review the situation regarding drinking water and sanitation services in the Giza Governorate and projects that are being implemented to raise the level of service in the governorship.
The Minister of Housing stressed that the theft of water connections, as well as the consumption of drinking water in agriculture and other criminal applications should be addressed, with an emphasis on collecting state fees and dealing with these violations with full force.
Engineer Hassan Al-Far, head of the drinking water and sanitary infrastructure executive, explained that a number of water projects are underway to improve service levels, especially in hot areas. The project is scheduled to be completed on 30/03/2020, and the projects (Osim 'Carats' hydroelectric power plant, at a cost of 365 million pounds – installation of the Qanater hydro power plant, capacity of 80,000 M3 / day in two stages, at a cost of 210 million pounds – expansion of a hydro power plant Atfih, at a cost of 210 million pounds – filtered water lines coming out of the Qanater hydroelectric power plant, at a cost of 168 6 million LE – Construction of 6 overhead tanks «Jazaya – Atris – Kafr Abu Hadid – Abu Ghalib – Al Qatta – Bani Salama» for catering the center and the city of Monshaat El Qanater, at a cost of 125.6 million LE – Drinking water in the village of Dinar Umm, at a cost of 36 million LE – Drinking water for feeding Mansouri – Cost 69.6 million LE – Birk Al-Khayyam water supply networks and the village of Osaily, Cost 23 million LE – Ground tank in Birk El-Khayyam, cost 94.6 million LE – Drinking water from the village of Nahia, cost 25 million LE – Water line from the Osim water station to the village of Mansouriya, its cost is 100 million LE and its completion it is launched at the end of December 2019.

Hassan Al-Far added that in the Giza Governorate 36 sewage projects are being implemented at a cost of LE 3.732 billion, and their completion is planned for 30.06.2021.

During the meeting, Mansour Badawi, president of the Giza Water and Wastewater Company, reviewed a number of urgent drinking water projects implemented by the company to improve the quality of drinking water in hot areas in the province that suffer from low water pressure and interruptions at various times. (Central, South, North) Giza.

The President of the Drinking Water and Wastewater Company in Giza said that the company's budget has implemented a number of drinking water projects, including the renewal of drinking water installations as well as the replacement, repair and extension of water lines and networks, indicating that the value of drinking water and sewage projects is the budget implemented by the company for 2018/2019 amounted to over 328 million pounds, and the value of projects implemented in 2019/2020 amounted to 518 million pounds, in addition to 165 million pounds the value of purchase of machinery and equipment for 2018/2019 and 2019/2020.

Mansour Badawi added that sanitation services are provided in 61 rural areas with 1.326 million inhabitants, or 34% of the rural population, compared to 1.031 million people with sanitation, 26% of the rural population, which increases this percentage to 60%. After completing the merger, he explained that the company implemented a number of urgent sanitation projects to improve sanitation services in hot areas that are suffering from continuous overflows, and these projects included the replacement, repair and development of sewer networks.

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