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The risk of mixing ginger with cinnamon and how to use them for weight loss


We all want to achieve ideal weight, especially people suffering from obesity, and we hope that weight loss in a healthy and safe way, some studies have shown that mixing cinnamon and ginger helps in removing fat, ginger also helps in the process of burning fat accumulated in the body, and by activating Metabolism, it helps to feel full and reduces waist circumference measurement in the hip.

Benefits and harms of a cinnamon drink

Regulates the body's metabolism and digestion by regulating blood glucose levels. Some studies were conducted in 2008 on the effects of cinnamon on insulin activity and strength, but the results of this study disappoint researchers with their weight loss effects, as studies have shown that studies show that there is no scientific evidence to investigate the role of cinnamon in affecting insulin.
The idea of ​​using cinnamon for weight loss is based on scientific theory. Studies have shown that the use of cinnamon with honey can achieve 100 calories, i.e. the frequency of its use leads to an increase in calories and thus to weight gain, but cinnamon has other health benefits because it helps in the treatment of sore throat Accompanying colds and flu and help to treat diabetes because it regulates blood glucose, it also helps cinnamon eliminate bloating and its associated gases, and helps stimulate blood circulation.
Cinnamon Damage: It also has damage because it leads to mental frustration if it does not achieve the desired weight loss, and unnecessary use leads to harmful chemical interference in the liver.

The benefits and harms of ginger

It is used as a type of hot spice in many dishes. Ginger is used to reduce stomach pain. It works as natural food and reduces the feeling of motion sickness and soothes aching joints. It is used to relieve headache, treat bone diseases, relieve menstrual pain and burn fat.
Side effects of Ginger: But taking too much can cause anxiety, stress and the possibility of blood clotting, causing acidity and stomach ulcers.

Ginger and cinnamon diet for acres of excess weight

Studies have shown that the simultaneous use of cinnamon and ginger is not enough to reduce weight, because it does not increase the rate of burning, and using them together does not harm, but excessive in anything leads to some damage and is advised against their use in pregnancy, as this leads to the possibility of miscarriage. Therefore, when using any type of diet, you should practice various exercises that help you burn fat.

How to prepare ginger and cinnamon for fat burning: Pour 1/4 liter of boiling water into the bowl, then add two tablespoons of ground ginger to the same bowl. You can use plain or Jamaican ginger, and then add ground cinnamon to the mix. Leave to boil. Because it is suitable for 3 days.

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