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Ethiopian authorities say Al-Shabaab, Islamic State is planning attacks on hotels

ISIS attack planning

Ethiopian officials have confirmed that Islamist militants from members of the Somali group al Shabaab and Islamic State are planning to launch attacks on various targets in this country, including hotels.

National Intelligence Security Services (NISS) issued a statement on Saturday that they had arrested an indefinite number of fighters, some of whom were conducting intelligence activities, including photographing potential targets.

"The group … was preparing to attack hotels, religious ceremonies gathering places and public places in Addis Ababa" NISS said in a statement about the state broadcaster Fan.

Ethiopian intelligence coordinated with neighboring Djibouti to arrest suspects, including their leader Muhammed Abdulahi, NISS said.

Detainees NISS he said they were arrested in the capital Addis Ababa, Oromia and Somalia in Ethiopia.

ISIS members arrested

An Ethiopian army official says members of an Islamic extremist group have been detained in an East African country.

Berhanu Jula, deputy head of the Ethiopian army, said on Wednesday the Ethiopian News state news agency that there is evidence that a group of extremists "recruited, trained and armed some Ethiopians."

He did not say how many were arrested and how.

He said other group members were still being hunted down and warned that the Islamic State group had repeatedly tried to establish a base in Ethiopia.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed recently warned of attempts by extremists from Al-Shabaab in Somalia to get to Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian army is strongly present in the border areas with Somalia, where al-Shabab carries out regular bomb attacks.

Al Shabaab has been fighting for years to overthrow the central government of Somalia, whose peacekeeping force authorized by the African Union AMISOM helps in defense.

The fighters carried out numerous attacks in Somalia for military and civilian purposes, and also carried out attacks abroad, including in Kenya.


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