Fitsum Aregaa leaves when the Prime Minister's Office of the reorganization


Shimeles Abdissa _Ethiopia
New Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister's office, Shimeles Abdissa
Photo: ECB

November 6,2018

Fitsum Aregaa has been the Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister Office for several months. He stated that he was leaving the office to serve the government in a different capacity.

He wrote yesterday on Twitter that he will work as Commissioner for the Investment Committee.

Who takes over the position of Fitsuma?

Shimeles Abdissa is the new chief of staff in the Prime Minister's Office. He is one of the members of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party in Oromo (ODP).

According to the reform, the Chief of Staff will oversee the secretariat's press office, which will be the former Ministry of Government Communication, Competence and Policy Bureau and Internal Affairs Bureau, says the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (ECB) report.

Shimeles obtained a master's degree at Addis Ababa University in the field of human rights and post-graduate studies in political philosophy at the University of South Africa (UNISA), added the ECB report.

Press office

The prime minister chose Billene Seyoum as the press secretary, which seems to be an expression of commitment to further employment of women in government positions.

Billen she seems satisfied with the appointment and response she received from the Ethiopians. Yesterday she wrote on Twitter:

Billene Seyoum
Billene Seyoum, press secretary in the prime minister's office
Source: SM

Helen Yosef, which describes herself as a hipster-friendly, typical communicator and non-apolitical feminist, among others, is appointed as the deputy secretary of the press.

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