Kenyans are moving forward: Randiek, Njogu are sailing to the third round after eliminating their opponents


Kenyan duo of Ryan Randieka and Albert Nyogu was promoted to the third round of the first stage of the Eastern Africa Junior International Tennis Federation (ITF) after yesterday in the Nairobi club he recorded his winnings in secondary games.

Randiek sailed, winning 6-2, 6-2 over Youssef Baccouche from France, and Njogu drove Denzel Seetso from Botswana 6-1,6-1 to reserve seats in the third round, where they joined the nationals Derrick Ominde, who qualified Tuesday evening. Hard-hitting Randiek showed early signs of reaching the third round when he scored a four-man lead after he twice broke the opponent's cards and used him to ease the pressure on his side.

However, he made the fifth meeting, but in the next duel he made corrections to increase his lead to 5: 1. The Frenchman pulled out another one, but his efforts were lifted when he lost the eighth game with Randiekiem and the first set. In the second set it was no different, because Randiek commanded from the beginning and lost two games that could not stop him from advancing to the next round.

After the victory, Randiek will meet with Damien Laporte from Seychelles in the third round. Laporte won in similar sets 6-0 over Aryan Esmaeilpourfallan from Iran.

Randiek attributed the victory of his ability to combine strength and tact. He said: "It was not a difficult match, as expected, but I was able to win when I realized his weakness in the first game of the first set." He had good hits, but I objected to them playing soccer on the edge of the pitch and cutting I am looking forward to renewing my competition with Laporte, who is training in Spain, it will be hard, but I hope that I will emerge victorious. "

Similarly, Nyogu had an easy time in court, revealing Seetso, who fought to achieve success and strong profits, so he bowed to the race.

Njogu will play in the third round of Devin Badenharts from South Africa after the latter defeated Tunes Talavar from Iran in 6-4,6-3 sets during the second round.

Ominde, who had a day of rest yesterday, will play with Kazakhstan Galfinger Rostislav, who in the second round won 6-2,6-0 with Natnael Ahmed from Ethiopia.

The remaining Kenyan girl in the Sneha Kotecha tournament will take part in Seke Onia from Belgium in the third round. Sneha qualified on Tuesday after winning 6: 0, 6: 1 with Occeane Mallevre from France.


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