Sunday , August 1 2021

Alain Fischer, the government’s “Mr. Vaccine”, wants to avoid injunctions to increase grip

Alain Fischer, Thursday, at the government’s press conference. – Eric TSCHAEN-POOL / SIPA

Alain Fischer, a professor appointed by the government to drive a vaccination strategy against Covid-19, intends to restore confidence in vaccination “by avoiding prescription,” relying on society as a whole, explained Sunday newspaper. For this professor of immunology and biology researcher, the support of the population will be fostered by “well-prepared, targeted, repeated messages, avoiding authoritative arguments, orders from health officials.”

“We can draw inspiration from what was done well in 2018 to support mandatory immunization in children,” he said, referring to eight previously recommended mandatory vaccines for children, in addition to the three that already existed. This pediatrician relies on health professionals to inform the public: “GPs, pharmacists, liberal nurses.” “But to answer, these specialists themselves must have access to good information,” he added.

Vaccinated and vaccinated future ambassadors

“Then it is possible that vaccinated people will become vaccine ambassadors,” begged Professor Fischer. “Representatives of civil society and chronic disease patient associations also have an important role to play in building trust.” He warned that vaccination against Covid-19 is scheduled to begin in nursing homes in January, but that progress “must not appear to be collective protection” that would likely avoid the Third Wave.

“In the next three months,” vaccination “will affect no more than 3 million people. It will not affect the spread of the virus, “explained the immunologist. “During the holiday season, it is imperative to continue to follow all measures of distancing oneself, wearing a mask, washing hands, and limiting meetings with family or friends.”

When asked about a possible delay in France compared to the UK, where vaccination will be possible in the coming days, Professor Fischer replied that ‘we need to give ourselves time to evaluate and organize. Better if it works if it takes a few more weeks. ” Only half of those polled in November intended to vaccinate against Covid-19, and two-thirds in July, according to figures published by Public Health France on Friday.

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