Thursday , January 21 2021

alleged rue Myrha arsonist before the judgments

Eight people died in September 2015 in the Goutte-d’Or district. SDF has been suspected long before the tenant confesses.

This is one of the deadliest arson attacks in the capital of recent years. From Monday 30 November to Friday 11 December, a Paris jury trial a man accused of causing the death of eight people in 2015 by setting fire to a building at 4 rue Myrha, in the Goutte-d’Or district of Paris.

This case is also the story of a terrible misjudgment. Shortly after this incident, Mourad S, a 36-year-old Algerian homeless man in a legal situation, was arrested near a building that owned several lighters. No matter how much he declares his innocence, he is accused of “degradation by dangerous means leading to death” and imprisoned in Fresnes. The ideal perpetrator only broke out of prison in September 2016 after the confession of Thibaud G., now a 24-year-old man who has been tried since Monday.

Trace after clue, the investigation ended with the removal of Mourad S.’s responsibility. The building at 4 rue Myrha had a digital code, but no fingerprints of a homeless person were found there or on the rest of the street. crime scene. Neither his hands nor his clothes revealed the presence of flammable liquid. Developing the plot of a possible neighborhood quarrel, the police became interested in the inhabitants of this five-story building.

The man who alerted the firefighters around 2:30 am on the night of September 2, 2015 is the tenant of the second apartment, Thibaud G. He tells them the fire was placed in his mailbox on the ground floor. The firefighters did not notice the fire, but picked up the charred paper under the letterboxes. Two hours later, firefighters were called in to light a new fire at the same address. This time the fire is serious and the building burned down. The flames burst into the stairwell and reached the apartments. People are yelling at the windows.

“Imaginary friends”

To escape the fire, two residents defy each other, six are charred in their apartment. Among the eight victims, four were members of the same Senegalese family, including two children aged 8 and 14. Several testimonies point to a dispute between the family and Thibaud G. Residents also say the emergency services have never intervened as much as since the tenant moved into the building in March 2015. On September 3, 2015, Thibaud G. established 59 connections with the emergency services in this way.

On September 20, 2016, just over a year after the fire, investigators arrested a young man in his home. A few days earlier, Thibaud G. took part in a rally in honor of the victims … “We are here so as not to forget. These are always images that haunt us, cry, smells. We’re here to meet you. We are also there because we feel abandoned by investigators, judges in charge of the case, public authorities, the prefecture, insurance companies … “he then confided to journalists.

The detained young man admits to the police setting fire to the cart left in the entrance. Research on his computer reveals his extensive research on fires. During the interrogations, he said little more about the reasons for his gesture, explaining that he was influenced “Imaginary friends”.

The arrest and indictment of Thibaud G. allowed Mourad S. to be released, but not at the end of his kitchen. He was only released at the end of April 2019 and is still awaiting compensation for the year lost behind bars. “It’s outrageous. We applied for compensation upon release. And since then nothing! “outraged his defender, Me Paul Fortin. The lawyer plans to take on the responsibility of the state today “This serious dysfunction”.

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