Saturday , June 12 2021

Brigitte Macron loses his older brother

On the eve of the very international weekend commemorated on November 11, Brigitte Macron learned bad news.

His older brother died on Friday. Jean-Claude Trogneux, former head of the chocolate factory in Trogneux, died in Amiens at the age of 85. He was 20 years apart with his youngest daughter, who was not very close.

The elder brother of the first lady of France had his habits at Le Touquet, as did the presidential couple: he owned a villa near the home of Trogneux, previously acquired by Jean Trogneux, father of Jean-Claude & # 39; and Brigitte. His funeral will take place on Tuesday in Amiens.

Elysée announcement

The announcement of the disappearance of a Brigitte Macron family member was made on Friday by Elysee to explain the absence in Somme, where she had to meet her husband to welcome the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, who laid a wreath at the Franco-British Thiepval necropolis.

However, Brigitte Macron should be well present on Saturday for lunch with a pair of Trumps at Elysee.

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