Dancing with the Stars: Pamela Anderson has an unforgettable time with the family of Maxime Dereymez


by Léa Ouzan|Written for TF1|2018-11-04T22: 30: 33.618Z, updated 2018-11-04T22: 30: 33.618Z

This week, Maxime Dereymez invited Pamela Anderson to her family in Bernina, her hometown.

From the beginning of the adventure, Pamela Anderson and Maxime Dereymez are very complicit. They do not hide their beautiful friendship. This week, Pamela Anderson even went to meet Maxime's family. This Saturday, November 3, photos of this beautiful meeting were broadcast in the program. A pretty blonde went to Bernina, the birthplace of her dancer. Maxime Dereymez introduced the star to his family and friends. They even walked the corridors of the former dancer's high school.

A duo landed at the foot of the snowy mountains. Pictures shared by a pair: "It was very moving to spend this day to discover my" home ", my family, my friends, my hometown, my high school … Your simplicity, your humbleness, your curiosity have marked me around! Will remain an unforgettable memory … Thanks to you and DALS ", wrote on the post on Instagram.

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This Saturday, November 3, Pamela Anderson and Maxime Dereymez made a very sexy performance. on the subject of Joe Cocker "You can leave your hat". And it was inevitably hot! From the first minute they set the stage on fire. The judges even stood up to greet Pamela Anderson.


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