Saturday , October 31 2020

Disney formalizes five new Marvel movies

While many MCU movies are already expected in the coming months and years, the American giant has just added five new movies to its distribution schedule.

Disney / Marvel Credits

The MCU is definitely not planned to stop there, with the announcement a few days ago five new dates for five new hits license. Uploaded through an MCU Direct Twitter account, the new calendar allows you to schedule two hits next year Black Widow announced on May 1 as well eternity, whose premiere is planned for the beginning of November 2020. Transitional year, which announces the opening to 2021 and its marathon, with Shang-Chi and the legend of ten ringss (February 12), Dr. Strange in a multiverse of madness (May 7), Spider-Man 3 (July 16) and Thor Love and Thunder (November 5). If all of these movies have already been formalized by Marvel, serious things should start in 2022, and the first film is scheduled for February, and then Black Panther II May 6, not one, as originally planned, but two other hits announced, namely one on July 29, 2022 and one on October 7, 2022.

An announcement that promises the appearance of a new film by 2022, but which also provides four additional feature films in 2023If the details of all these new products are not yet known, then the meetings are held on February 17, May 5, July 28 and November 3, 2023, to discover the rest of the MCU, which will begin its phase 4 years then with Black WidowWe should of course learn more about the characters that will appear in these new super heroic biopics over the months, but rumors are already evoking continuation Captain Marvel, withAnt-Man and even Guardians of the GalaxyUnless it's a long awaited arrival Deadpool or Fantastic Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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