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by Helena Ergisi

November 5, 2018

Within seven years, three new worlds dedicated to Star Wars, Marvel and The Frozen should be available to visitors at The Walt Disney Studios. Work will begin in 2019. It should end in 2025.

Walt Disney Studios is growing! The Disney Group has just announced an investment worth two billion eurosexpanding Disneyland Paris, The development program of the famous theme park, which Bob Iger, director general of Disney, presented at Elysee Palace, president Emmanuel Macron. "This expansion plan is one of the most ambitious events in Disneyland's history in Paris since its opening in 1992 ", says the president of the American entertainment giant. In total three new universes devoted to Star Wars, Marvel and Frozen, they should see the light in about seven years. Work will begin in 2019. In the case of delivery forecast in 2025before you discover these new spaces, you have to be patient. Eight months after the official announcement of this ambitious extension, the first sketches have just collapsed, or at least we can say that we can not wait!

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An ambitious project that we have already envied

From 2019, it is a pharaonic place that Disneyland Paris promises. In a few months, work will begin at the back of The Walt Disney Studios, where 31 hectares will be built (12 ha for new attractions, 8 ha for backstages, 11 ha for construction and roads). Wilson, vice president of Walt Disney Imagineering at Disneyland Paris, discovers these three new worlds: "Usually you enter the world of franchise, reaching a dedicated attraction. These three new themes will make the visitor dive into the worlds of Marvel, Star Wars or the Land of Ice as soon as he finds himself in each zone, he says. It will be like the attraction of Ratatouille, with the place of the hero Remy & # 39; ego on … but in the bigger one."

And as usual, the Walt Disney Company is not going to do things half! To this end, the bands worked with American production companies Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios. "We do not want to revive the movie for the visitor. We wish him a new experiencesaid Wilson, who covers the creation of a new one Artificial lake which will connect three new areas of the park and "will be used for day and night shows"In three worlds, the catering space will also be part of this experience."In the world of Marvel, that's what superhero food is about", explain. ice palace for The Frozen, a European database for Avengers or immersive sites such as galaxy like Star Wars, Disney still puts us in the mood!

by Helena Ergisi


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