Fall of buildings in Marseille: two bodies found in ruins – 06/11/2018


The research resumed in the ruins on Tuesday morning. Photo AFP

The research resumed in the ruins on Tuesday morning. Photo AFP

The man's body was found on Tuesday morning thanks to the help of the rubble of old buildings that collapsed the previous day in the center of Marseille, where it is estimated that 5 to 8 people can be buried. At midday, the woman's body was also found in ruins, said Marseille's attorney, Xavier Tarabeux, along with Interior Minister Christophe Castanor, who is present on Monday evening.

Enlightened by the application of light patches, firefighters continued to search for debris for the night, a 15-meter cluster. Regularly, the dogs also controlled the area, looking for potential victims.

A few missing

"It's urgent to save lives," Christophe Castaner cursed, who reminded us that the operations would last "a few days". The minister explained that the relief intervened "in the smallest possible way": "In the first part of the operation, we discovered getting rid of some areas of survival that make it still" able to identify and find a person who can be saved ".

After the collapse of two destroyed buildings on Monday morning, after a partial collapse of the third neighboring building at the end of the day, the authorities are trying to find five street residents 65 rue dubbed Aubagne who did not get a call and 3 people who could be invited to the building. The other two buildings were walled up and – theoretically at least – uninhabited.

On the other hand, two passers-by saw images from video monitoring in front of buildings just before the catastrophe that escaped: the street was cleaned without finding a body, said MM. Tarabeux and Castaner, evoking the "good news."

A few people are missing in one of the buildings. / Photo of PQR

"For several days the doors of several apartments were no longer closed"

At dawn, the firefighters finished cleaning up the collapsed debris on the rue d'Aubagne, including a completely flattened car.

Not far from the young waiter from the bar, he watched the search with tears in his eyes. He knew a young Italian living in one of the collapsed buildings and no one has news from Monday: "It was a great girl who was browsing at home," he said.

9 out of 10 apartments were inhabited by 65 rue Aubagne

Sophie, a 25-year-old student, left her apartment at 65 rue dAndagne on Sunday evening to go to her parents' home, because "for a few days the doors of several apartments were closed or barely (.. And I was afraid to find a home a prisoner, "said AFP, noting that she had filed a complaint with the court police on Monday, she took the investigation.

One of the two buildings, which fell, at the age of 63, was "closed and surrounded by a wall", according to the town hall, which he bought it after the issuance of the 2008 order of danger.

At number 65, 9 apartments out of 10 were, however, inhabited, above empty business on the ground floor. In the co-ownership of 18 October, "the expertise of competent services that gave a place of work ensuring comfort, enabling the reintegration of residents," assured the town hall. The third building, at number 67, was abandoned and surrounded by a wall from the summer of 2012.

Inappropriate accommodation

"This dramatic accident may be the result of heavy rains that have fallen on Marseilles in recent days," according to the town hall, which evacuated and moved 100 residents of nearby buildings.

But several representatives of the opposition have related to the size of the problem of unworthy housing in Marseilles, especially in the center. "It is the homes of the poor who are falling down and this is not a coincidence," the leader of the Insoumis sector and MP Jean-Luc Mélenchon thundered.

Since 2011, the city council has been involved in a vast plan to rebuild the city center, but is unable to remedy this problem. According to a report sent to the government in 2015, uncomfortable apartments threaten the health or safety of 100,000 inhabitants of Marseilles.

On Tuesday morning, the Minister of Internal Affairs caused about 6,000 "unworthy" places in Marseille


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