Tuesday , September 28 2021

His new resentment against the government is worth getting around!

On the eve of his retirement, Jean-Pierre Pernaut is directly stepping up his attacks on the government! On Tuesday, December 1, TF1’s indestructible news presenter criticized the health efforts at winter sports centers.

Live in his newspaper, Jean-Pierre Pernaut mocked government measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Jean-Pierre Pernaut loves the regions of France. He does not hide his disappointment that only professional skiers will be able to enjoy the slopes.

Nathalie Marquay’s husband sticks out his tongue! As he knows he won’t be aired again next year, he calms down and dares to make a scathing comment. Indeed, for several weeks he made his viewers understand that he did not approve of the government at all.

“Amazingly, we are not allowed to ski”

This Tuesday, December 1, Jean-Pierre Pernaut reported on the first snowfall in France on News at 1 p.m. He began the topic with a cheerful voice. “It is snowing like here, look, in Val d’Isère in Savoie. We started to despair. Finally, a bit white in the landscape, as in other Pyrenees. It also starts in Auvergne“.

But very quickly things got out of hand. “Interestingly, we are not allowed to ski in Val d’Isère. But the Ski World Cup will be held on December 12th and 13th“. Jean-Pierre Pernaut does not get used to this absurdity. Back then, he had a touching thought to winter sports professionals. At LDpeople, we also think about everyone who is suffering from this economic situation.

According to Jean-Pierre Pernaut, “the snow then has a” bitter taste “

Nathalie Marquay’s husband continues: “Snow has a” bitter aftertaste “at stations where the government still prohibits the opening of ski lifts. We keep our fingers crossed that the situation will improve in January 2021!

“President Pernaut!”

In any case, the impeccable Jean-Pierre Pernaut will leave his place on January 9. And it is the shining Marie-Sophie Lacarrau who will take control. Thus, JPP beats all records! « With Yves Monrousi for a total of almost fifty years of presentation at 1pm. ! It’s a world record! Even Dan Rather in the United States only lasted 24 years. “, he explained Our time. And to point out that Patrick Poivre-d’Arvor was only 21 years old at 8pm, Claire Chazal 24 years at the weekend! In writing People, we’re stuck! Jean-Pierre Pernaut has been in the TF1 news since 1988!

And when journalists Our time he wanted to know if he valued his desire to be political, his answer was categorical. « Never! Sometimes they greet me in the provinces President Pernaut! ” Or I see myself handing the children to the crowd to bless them, I keep my head on my shoulders. I accept these outbursts of sympathy for what they are, declarations of friendship. Second, I am too old to be involved in politics. AND I have too much fun watching politicians from afar… » It has the advantage of being bright!

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