Friday , November 27 2020

In pharmacies, flu vaccines can not be found

Kovid, seasonal flu and containment. In the face of the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic, pharmacists are once again preparing to juggle patients. As if the picture weren’t gloomy enough, this fall they have to deal with the flu vaccine shortage. At the Commerce pharmacy in XVto me Céline, the arrondissement of Paris, explains that the first shipment in October sold out in just three days and was expected to take a full month. The second delivery should arrive between 1is and November 20.

Everyone wants to be calm

This time, Celine ensures that she will have to choose clients. “I would only have to give vaccinations to people who have a Social Security voucher who are considered fragile.” The choice must be made quickly in the knowledge that there are almost 250 vaccinations on the waiting list. – Vaccine orders are placed one year in advance – says the pharmacist. But last year it sold 30% less than in 2018. “So I ordered 30% less vaccines for this year”, she notes, stressing that nothing had allowed her to predict the Covid pandemic at the time. The pharmacist therefore hopes to honor the state’s promise to release additional doses.

Stéphanie Randazzo runs several pharmacies, two of which are in Paris. Three days after the vaccination campaign began, on October 13, its pharmacies in Angoulême and Bordeaux ran out of stock. In the face of this rush, he has difficulty understanding the statements of the Minister of Health that there would be no shortages in pharmacies in France. All ordered doses will be delivered soon, but that’s not enough, says Stéphanie. During the second wave of Covid-19, everyone wants to be reassured by at least eliminating the risk of influenza through the vaccine.

“The Year You Can’t Miss”

According to a survey by the drug dispensing pharmacists’ union published last week, 80% of pharmacies no longer had stocks of vaccines on that day. Gilles Bonnefond, president of Inspo, accuses pharmaceutical companies of: “We have never been so poorly served by laboratories as this year, in which we should not miss it. The laboratories put patients and pharmacists to great difficulties. “ “We are very annoyed because for once the population wanted to be vaccinated, we lack vaccinations”continues angry. He points to several dysfunctions, in particular the fact that laboratories “It has to deliver 3.5 million extra boxes and keep them in the refrigerator instead of sharing them with pharmacists” and that this year they delivered the vaccines in sequence. Another complaint, the Director General of Health asked pharmacists to issue vaccines as a priority for people who had vouchers, “It’s just that we realized that the laboratories sold vaccines to companies and did not follow this instruction unlike pharmacists”, regrets the president of Uspo.

Aurore Savarit-Lebrère

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