Jamal Khashoggi's bride urges her to "spark the truth" about murder


VIDEO – Jamie Khashoggi's reporter Hattie Cengiz calls on the international community to "bring the killers to justice" in a column in several newspapers. He also regrets the United States' position on a "moral basis".

While every day gives a little more pale details about killing Jamal Khashoggi's journalist, his bride is now signing a tribe "in favor of the beloved Jamal." In this text on Friday several newspapers, including The world In France, he calls on the Great Powers to bring to justice the people who are responsible for murdering a journalist exiled in the United States since 2017. The editorial team Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Poston October 2, the Consulate in Saudi Arabia was murdered in Istanbul, where he went to administrative formalities to marry his Turkish-born fiancé. One month after his death and despite the efforts of the Turkish authorities, his body or what remains remains to be found.

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Hatice Cengiz on his platform explains that "the international community has to bring its murderers to justice", including the United States, which criticizes "an indispensable moral situation". Criticism came a few days after Hatice Cengiz's video from the UK media said: "President Trump should help to uncover the truth and do justice. President Trump should not let the murder of my fiancé overuse." In the same video, he explains that "the Saudi regime knows where Jamal Khashoggi's body is, and calls on" evil criminals and cowardly political masters ".

Hatice Cengiz's appeal also points out that no one is above the law, and those persons who choose to execute their fiancé must follow a prosecution that he sees as a "test of humanity." Which "requires leadership". "I call on the presidents of the European countries and the US presidents to leave this test." The truth is to be made. "He asks to judge those who prepare and commit this wild murder. to stand – even if they occupy the highest political office – he insists.

"Nice person"

"Jamal's brutal murder has shocked the world, because we have lost the voice of universal reach, and now that he has died, the principles that are so passionately protected when he is alive are in the spotlight." Democracy, freedom and human rights, "wrote Hatice Cengiz. His words remind Jamal Khashoggi, as this will be the latest text of the Washington Post : "The Arab world needs the modern version of the old transnational media to provide citizens with information on world news, and more importantly, we need to provide a platform for Arab voices."

Hatice Cengiz in his gallery Jamal Khashnoot spent "kindness and patience […] and love "who" wanted a new beginning. "The bride insists on the new life she wished to marry." Jamal has just bought a house. He dreamed of starting a family. She was very excited about the choice of furniture. "Hatice Cengiz closes the demonstration to explain:" I'm alone in front of the door. I am the article Jamal could not complete. We must conclude together today and take Jamal's soul as long as his dream does not come true. "

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