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Omar Hasan, a former pillar, said the vocalist: "Presenting myself in shorts on TV, I hesitated"

He was fascinated by jurors "France has an incredible talent", on Tuesday, in M ​​6, with his lyrical performance of "Little Man Foam", songs by Patrick Sebastien played in jacket, bow tie, shorts and socks Argentine selection and cleats. At the age of 47, Omar Hasan, the former base of Stade Toulousain, retired after the title of Champion of France in 2008, now leads a baritone career. In the program "Tango" will perform on November 27 in Saint-Orens (Haute-Garonne) and December 7 in Castelnaudary (Aude). Meanwhile, the artist in 64 selections looks at the news about Puma opposing XV France, Saturday (21:05) in Lille.

We imagine that your TV channel on Tuesday evening marked ghosts. Confirm?

OMAR HASAN. Yes, I can not work anymore (Laugh), I receive messages from all friends of Auch, Agen, everywhere! In social networks this happened in Argentina. It's snowing, everyone is calling me! This interpretation of "Little Foam Man" is something that I did already at my concerts, and people were dying of laughter. After I came up with the idea to introduce myself on television in shorts, I hesitated. But humor has always been present at home.

What do you think about when this broadcast coincides with the arrival of Pumas in France?

I do not think it's calculated by prod M 6. I'm going to visit the band during his visit to the embassy. The point is that I only know people from staff, I'm too old for players (Laugh) !

What inspires you about this Argentine selection?

I like. They are still learning about the recent arrival of new employees (Editorial: Mario Ledesma and Gonzalo Quesada appointed in June)But what they did in a very short time is exceptional. I do not think that any other nation could do it in the world. Rugby in Argentina remains an amateur in addition to the elite 50 players who beat South Africa and Australia this season.

Would you like to help this team?

I offered it and I am always available to bring my experience. In our times, we have often met the elders. I think that today the Argentine Federation should not deprive itself of the best players abroad, nor the skills of former players. I believe that the transfer of knowledge did not take place.

And what is your view of the situation of the fifteenth of France?

France, surprises me because there are very good players. Guy Novès deserves to be able to finish his term. All this causes uncertainty. Jacques Brunel must give confidence. The next Six Nations Tournament will be the foundation. Because now you're ticking, you're ticking for Blues …

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