Other facts The fight breaks down, the bus causes a deadly fall


Due to a dispute over the Chinese bridge, the vehicle falls into a river and the police have caused at least 13 people to die on Friday.

A headache

In the video surveillance videos of the authorities broadcasting a bus, we see a woman trapped in the Sunday tragedy, and the latter are attacked by the attacker.

He suddenly turns the steering wheel to the left and the bus hits the car before the Chongqing municipal (southwest) breaks down over the Yangtze River before dismantling the bridge security bridges.

There were fifteen people on the plane. Up to now, a total of 13 bodies have been put back.

The tool for finding bodies

Police say Liu, a 48-year-old passenger, told the driver after he forgot to stop. By refusing to stop, they began to change "aggressive words".

After the accident, the ambulances sent more than 70 boats, diving and underwater robots to find the wreckage of the bus and subtract the bodies from the water.

"Fifteen lives have been lost for a moment. The lessons of all this are very painful," the police said.


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