PSG: Neymar-M. Kuipers, big clash – Football


Apparently he passed something between Neymar and Mr. Kuipers, judge of Naples-PSG. The Brazilian have doubts that the director of the game showed him disrespect.

We understand that Parisians have a hard tooth against Mr. Kuipers after their draw in Naples, throwing away the penalty granted to Naples, but also by refusing Bernat. Neymar places critics on another ground: "He told me things that I'm not used to hearing from the judge, I do not want to repeat it, but the leaders have to do something."

The Brazilian star explains that he is somewhat absent because of this: "We are asked to respect the judge, we have the right to respect in return, I do not care about his mistakes, he is human and can happen, but eventually I lost my nerves because of what he said he can not say, just because that he has a whistle, a yellow card and a red card does not mean that he can believe he is better than everyone.

Neymar received a yellow card during the injury and ironically applauded the referee. In order for UEFA to sanction the Dutch judge, it will be necessary to clarify what its opposite could have said to him so brazenly … Thiago Silva also attacked Mr. Kuipers this time about his decisions, reminding him that he was the one who expelled Ibra in 2015 at Chelsea-PSG.


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