Friday , November 27 2020

Revealed the most searched questions about the flagship TF1 on Google!

Neither Jean-Luc Reichmann nor the TF1 management could have imagined the success he was about to experience 10 years ago 12 noon strokes. After thousands of hours of programming, there are still so many viewers who follow the game at noon every day. Despite the passage of time, fans 12 noon shots still several million a day in front of his little screen. In one of these sections, Télé Loisirs took an interest in this real phenomenon. If fans of Jean-Luc Reichmann do not miss any broadcast of the game, they are interested in the program in another way. The journalists of the weekly analyzed the most frequently asked questions by Google about entertainment games. Here we provide a ranking of the most frequently asked questions by Internet users.

Plus Belle la vie: Much of the research done is about the Mystery Star and the candidates. Internet users very often look for the name of the star behind the star mystery. But when they surf the net, it’s also to learn more about the participants of the famous game. And that stands out under one title. It is Eric who became the greatest champion of the champions. With 199 participants and 921 316 euros in earnings and gifts. Internet users are interested in the name of the perpetrator of the fall and the date of its liquidation. The candidate who managed to beat the Maître de Midi is called Colas. Eric is still number 1 both in the game’s charts and in fan research. Admittedly, the original Breton really marked the performance with his fragment. Despite eliminating on June 19, 2020, she still remains one of the biggest stars 12 noon shots.

A different name appears to be the subject of a lot of research online. This is Paul. And the question that comes up the most on the web is: Paul, did he give up on 12 Coups de Midi? Indeed, some rumors had it that the young man himself made the decision to leave. But this information has never been confirmed by Jean-Luc Reichmann or the main stakeholder. He also became a star thanks to his participation in the game. Paul has just released an autobiographical story in which he reviews his adventure.

Plus Belle la vie: In the top three most frequently asked questions by Google we find: who is the new Southern Champion? The answer obviously changes from time to time. Leo, a student at Sciences Po, continues to lead the program. The 20-year-old has been on the air for almost 2 months. He never ceases to amaze viewers with his encyclopedic culture. It is already at the forefront of a significant prize pool of € 191,795.

Among the most frequently asked questions by viewers, Google is asked about the top 10 of the South’s greatest champions. To answer that question, here is the list of the biggest winners of the program. First of all, of course, is Eric with almost 200 wins. In the second place we find the name of Christian Quesada. Even if Jean-Luc Reichmann and a large number of viewers would like to forget this name, after he was sentenced to prison for extremely serious facts. Paul is always on the podium with his 153 participants. A young man suffering from Asperger Syndrome, nicknamed “WikiPaul”, continues to occupy a great place in the hearts of viewers. Véronique is in fourth place. The first woman in this ranking with 100 participants. Next in the top 10 are the names Timothée, Benoît, Bruno, Xavier, Alexandre and Sylvain.

Plus Belle la vie: After ten years on screen 12 Coups de Midi so they are more than just a television program. Fans are always looking for information about this game that they are passionate about. Evidence of this enthusiasm is that Jean-Luc Reichmann’s program continues to be number one in the French audiovisual landscape.

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