Monday , November 30 2020

Very furious and furious about production after controversial question

Jean-Luc Reichmann Valérie Bègue’s anger seems to be drawn to him. The former Miss France does not take offense. After a question from the famous host, St. 12 noon strokes, a lively controversy arose. During his performance on Saturday 24 October, Jean-Luc Reichmann he did indeed ask a question that is causing great debate today. The show usually rhymes with humor and good humor. But the topic of the day had a great deal of concern for some viewers, especially Valérie Bègue. A pretty brunette from Reunion Island even speaks openly about racism.

Valérie Bègue

As usual, the atmosphere on the set of TF1 was rather relaxed. And nothing foreshadowed the scandal being prepared! During the game Jean-Luc Reichmann asked the candidates the following question: ” How can we recognize Reunionians sometimes? “. There were two answers to this question: “ The eleventh finger “or” A very long nail “. The answer expected by the presenter was actually the second. Because there is a fashion for Chinese immigration on the island. This physical singularity would have a practical origin intended to facilitate manual labor. But the question asked by Jean-Luc Reichmann, therefore, he suggested that the Reunionese were devoted to this tradition. It took no more to arouse general indignation. Therefore, the Union of Reunionese Students in France reacted immediately. They denounced those facts which they consider to be obvious racism and stigma. They also asked the Higher Audiovisual Council to take a position quickly.

Valérie Bègue, she too felt attacked and especially injured. Therefore, she opposed this stereotype. On October 26, the former Miss France 2008 spoke in an Instagram article. She was particularly nervous ” Shame, are you serious?behindshe stated during the hearing persons responsible for Twelve strokes at noon. “ Unfortunately, a banal example of sheer racism – She added still very angry. Determined to send a clear message, she went through the conversation. In this post, Valérie Bègue fans can discover her finger pointing. And it wasn’t just any. Because she was just pointing her middle finger to the editors of this question. In the legend, Camille’s former comrade Lacourthe just added Is this nail long? “.

This sequence 12 noon shots therefore, she risks people talking about her for a long time. At a time when racism is at the center of many debates, this issue was not welcomed by a large number of viewers. In any case, the Reunionese community was very shocked by this connection. So far, neither production nor Jean-Luc Reichmann have not responded yet. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to imagine a father of six with xenophobic tendencies. But simply wouldn’t he be aware of the possible consequences of this question? In any case, Valérie Bègue decided not to let go of anything. And she didn’t deprive herself to give her affection. Or at least we can say that his message was not so clear!

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