Wall Street, cautious about US elections


Wall Street, cautious about US elections
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Wall Street ended the session on an unorganized Monday on the eve of US midterm elections, investors wary, abandoning technological stocks for companies considered to be less volatile.

According to the final results at the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average flagship index, Wall Street, gained 0.76% to 25,461.70 points.

The Nasdaq advanced index lost 0.38% to 732.85 points.

The general S & P 500 index fell by 0.56% to 2,738.31 points.

In the absence of extensive information on Monday, market participants shyly started the week, waiting on Tuesday for the vote of millions of Americans during the mid-term parliamentary elections.

The most likely scenario after this vote, according to many investors, is a divided Congress, in which the majority remained republican in the Senate and a democratic change to the House of Representatives.

This possibility "does not seem to worry investors too much," said Sam Stovall from CFRA, adding that they have adopted a "defensive" attitude. "Monday.

According to the criterion of this political term, brokers have made some prudent arbitrations, in particular through the release of shares in the technology sector for companies considered to be less volatile, such as banks, utilities, or real estate.

Among the technological actions most affected by this move, Amazon lost 2.27%, Alphabet (Google parent company) 1.47% and Apple 2.84%.

The brand with an apple is suspicious since the results of the Thursday evening were published. In the last two sessions he lost over 9% and closed Monday under the symbolic threshold of market value of USD 1,000 billion.

On the bond market, the US 10-year bond rate fell to 3.201%, compared to 3.222% on Friday night, and 30-year debt to 3.434%, compared to 3.444% at the end of last week.

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