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As a result of the sudden puncture, a car slips on the Sunday night at Bad Rappenau at A6 and catches the fire immediately. As the driver and the competitor survive, all help is up to 24 years old.

On Sunday night he was 21 years old on the Bad Rappenau (Heilbronn) highway 6 in Nürnberg from the road. As the police have said, the car has been overturned several times and is about 100 meters behind the road in a field. The vehicle immediately caught the fire and was completely burnt out.

The bietigheim-bissingen (Ludwigsburg district) man was able to rescue him from time to time in the burning car through the rapid reaction of many first respondents. Similarly seriously injured 19-year-old sister.

The rider got out of the car

The 24-hour rider Kirchheim am Neckar (Ludwigsburg circle) all the help came too late. The vehicle was taken out of the vehicle and died at the accident site. The cause of the crash was suddenly pierced by the recent findings of the Heilbronn police. The vehicle slipped and the driver lost control.

During the installation, the volunteer fire brigade of Sinsheim had 17 people and four vehicles at the accident site. In addition, two emergency physicians and two ambulances operated on site. The exact causes of an accident are clarified by an expert.


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