A99 in Kirchheim: Truck drivers made it difficult to save


On the A99 near Kirchheim in the Munich district there was a rear collision with three trucks, in the north the traffic collapsed for a good twelve kilometers.

A person seriously injured in an accident on A99 – an escape route

Update at 16:20: In the rear collision, a driver with 7.5 tons was blocked in the cabin and seriously injured. The fire brigade had to put down a crushed driver's cabin to free the man. He was taken to the hospital by a rescue helicopter.

According to the fire brigade, the emergency vehicles were covered because the emergency lane was not always open to traffic. In particular, trucks that were in the middle lane, despite signs of overtaking, hindered the passage.

An appraiser was on the site, the accident trailer semitrailer was provided as evidence.

Accident on A99 near Kirchheim – One person seriously injured

First report: accident at A99 near Kirchheim – closed motorway

Kirchheim – As reported by the police of Oberbayern Nord on Twitter, there was an accident with three lorries at A99 near Kirchheim in the direction of Nuremberg / Stuttgart. According to Bayerninfo.de, a rescue helicopter is also used.

The 40-toner hit a 7.5-ton truck and pushed it into another truck. The police recommend that the area of ​​the accident be circumvented.

Fire brigade Feldkirchen, Vaterstetten, Pardorf-Hergolding, professional fire brigade Munich, rescue and Autobahnmeisterei were in use.

Interestingly: after an unfortunate accident on Monday A1 at Bremen in the direction of Osnabrück had to be completely closed for several hours. The rescuers had a photo of horror on the highway.

Traffic jams are reported every hour, accidents happen every day, and numerous constructions hamper drivers. An overview of the problems of the longest motorway in Germany.

Video: To create a rescue belt on the highway


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