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Active Apple True-Noise headphones with the Active Noise Cancel function work in stores


Apple has officially released its first wireless earplugs with active noise reduction: Airpods Pro is now available.

No October event, only press release: Airpods Pro with Active Noise Canceling (ANC) extends the Hearable Apple family. You can order from Wednesday for 279 euros – or pick up at the Apple Store.

Airpods Pro: Apple promises 'immersive sound'

The Airpods Pro Apple completes the family of earphones. These are the company's first models with active noise reduction and "high-quality, immersive Apple sound." They feature a specially designed woofer with low distortion, providing "strong bass", and a high-dynamic amplifier, designed to provide clear, clean sound and longer battery life. As they have leaked, they do not have an open but in-ear design, in which the earplugs protrude slightly into the ear canal.

Apple AirPods Pro. (Photo: Apple)

Apple Airpods Pro. (Photo: Apple)

Airpods Pro Active Noise Cancellation has two built-in microphones that constantly record sound from outside and inside. Apple explains that in combination with software algorithms, the sound is individually adapted to the ear and headphones.

For better fit to most ears, they are equipped with flexible ear tips in three sizes. Thanks to the so-called "adaptive equalizer" they are "innovative active noise suppression" – the music is automatically adapted to the shape of the ear, explains Apple – and provides a transparency mode when needed. The latter is not new – other models of earplugs offer such a function to better receive spoken and external sounds.

Apple AirPods Pro. (Photo: Apple)

Apple Airpods Pro. (Photo: Apple)

To switch between active noise reduction and transparency mode, there is a pressure sensor on the Airpods. According to Apple, this can be done by playing, pausing or skipping songs, as well as answering or disconnecting phone calls. Volume control can also be controlled via the control center on iPhone and iPad.

Airpods Pro will complement the Airpods family

Apple Airpods Pro. (Photo: Apple)

According to Apple, the new Airpods will not replace any of the existing products, but will complement the family. In addition to noise reduction, they offer the previous range of Apple earplug functions such as listening to music, making phone calls or as a sound source when watching TV series, movies and more. Needless to say, you can use the keyword "Hey Siri" to activate the Apple language assistant.

They also connect by opening the charging case with iOS or iPadOS devices. Simply tap Airpods Pro immediately using the devices saved on your iCloud account. Apple said, among other things, that Apple's H1 chip is on board, which also ensures low audio delay. The H1 has ten audio cores, according to Apple, and is actually a data center for earplugs to control sound reproduction in Siri.

Apple AirPods Pro battery life. (Photo: Apple)

Apple Airpods Pro battery life. (Photo: Apple)

According to Apple, the new Airpods Pro have the same playing time of five hours as other Airpods models. Thanks to the active noise cancellation, earplugs provide up to four and a half hours of playback and up to three and a half hours of conversation. Thanks to the wireless charging case, ANC Airpods can achieve 24 hours of playtime or 18 hours of talk time. Protected against sweat and water they have IPX4 protection – just like Powerbeats Pro.

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