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"Dancing on Ice" (Sat1): disgusting statements – "I just need …" – Television by stars

"Dancing on Ice" (Sat1): disgusting statements – "I just have to …"

Nadine Klein and Niko Ulanovsky also dance

Nadine Klein and Niko Ulanovsky dance to "Senorita".

Photo: SAT.1 / Willi Weber

The first two shows "Dancing on ice"They dance. Who had to leave the ice show first?

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Sunday, November 17

23:15: The first expulsion is clear: in the battle between Peer Kusmagk and Jens Hilbert, he was not convinced. Flew out the first of the series.

22:32: Now Sarah Lombardi is coming to the big show! Together with "Holiday on Ice" and Joti he goes to "Show Me Love" (Robyn) on the icy dance floor.

22:27: The freestyle of Eric Stehfest and his partner Amani is the emotional attraction of the program: her performance in Lewis Capaldi's "Somebody You Loved" captivates with moving choreography and delights the audience and the jury. 23 points help the duo reach their new highest value this evening!

22:00: Klaudia from K gives an injury update: During the warm-up she suffered a serious injury to her right leg. If he is wrong, he suffers, he explains. That is why it will not perform today. However, I do not want a mercy bonus from the jury in the future.

21.40 clock: A special guest is allowed on the stage: last year's winner Sarah Lombardi, who will soon be touring with "Holidays on Ice", will present a special performance today.

21:10: The series begins with shocking news: Klaudia from K was injured before the concert – is her appearance dangerous tonight? Finally, the star of Bibi and Tina, Lina Larissa Strahl and her dance partner Joti, have already put a lot of pace on the ice: "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift moved the duo to the stage and forced the audience to beat live choreographies. Jury award: 21.5 points! Current best value!

14:05: After Peer Kusmagk, Nadine Klein, Jenny Elvers, Klaudia with K. and André Hamann were already on the ice in the last program, today she is with her actress Lina Larissa Strahl, national goalkeeper Nadine Angerer, Jens Hilbert, Joey Heindle and star GZSZ Eric Stehfest Partners

And then there is the exchange between Peer Kusmagk and the worst candidate of today's program. This should be exciting.

11.50: After the first five couples danced on Friday, next figure skating rinks are scheduled for today.

Saturday, November 17:

Cognition number one: Jenny Elvers survives. And he even did the second round. But it should not be the main excitement of the first episode.

He became a dancer that could not be expected in this role. Namely, a partner of former Bachelorette Nadine Klein. In an interview during the show, the skater said: "I have to drool with her non-stop."

Friday, November 16:

Wow, this fall in "Dancing on ice"It can hurt twice. A few days ago, Jenny Elvers (47) did a bad job. Result: "Dancing on ice"The participant broke a rib.

But Jenny Elvers does not want to give up, trains despite severe pain and would like to be on stage on Friday.

"Dancing on Ice": Jenny Elvers broke a rib

Jenny Elvers for the photo: "This is definitely the hardest thing I've ever done. Even sleeping and laughing are a disaster because of pain. But I'm an old show bunny and I bite my teeth hard. "


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"Dancing on Ice": He could simply replace Jenny Elvers

At the moment, it looks like she could dance. But if not, someone is already skating, especially as a replacement candidate. And that's only 18-year-old son of Jenny Elvers, Paul. Paul Elvers confirmed "Bild": "I started exercising more than a month ago, in the last week of each day. I have talent, although I have been on ice once. "

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This is Jenny Elvers:

  • Jenny Elvers was born on May 11, 1972 in Lüneburg
  • She works as an actress, author, presenter and reality actress
  • Jenny Elvers had relationships with stars such as Heiner Lauterbach, Thomas D and Alex Jolig
  • In 2003, she married manager Goetz Elbertzhagen
  • The couple divorced in 2014
  • In 2013, Jenny Elvers joined Celebrity Big Brother and won the program
  • In 2016, Jenny Elvers took part in a jungle camp
  • In 2018, Jenny Elvers published her biography of "Wacky Years: My Life between Glamor and Crash"


Who will be on ice on Friday will decide shortly before or during the show. It will be exciting.

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