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Daniel Günther defends Angela Merkel against criticism of "older men"


After criticizing the CDU party leader, Prime Minister Angela Merkel Schleswig-Holstein, Prime Minister Daniel Günther received his party friend in defense. It was very obvious, "that this is more about settling old bills," said a CDU presidency advisor in an interview with ZDF. "I do not understand".

Former Union faction leader Friedrich Merz called after the state elections in Thuringia to appear as a "wicked" federal government, and specifically attacked Merkel. The CDU had to accept large losses in voting.

The demand for a quick termination of Merkel's term of office was described by Günther as "a debate led by older men who may not have achieved their professional goals in life." But this is one thing: "they should make it personal for themselves, and now they should not put it in the CDU."

Of course, after the election results, as in Thuringia, a thorough analysis needs to be carried out, said Günther. And no doubt, "the situation at federal level has not helped to achieve a decent result." In this respect, it is good to have a critical debate in the party. However, it reminds him of a situation in which the SPD was recommended: "He begins to distance himself from his own decisions that were once made."

Clear words to Merkel's critics

Now it is a critique of Merkel's life achievements, with which the CDU won four elections. "I don't think it helps, especially if it comes from the side, from people who once took responsibility for the Union, but it's long gone," said Günther.

Whenever you can make a headline, you see something of these people. But when it comes to real party work, "get out of the pitch." "I think it's really irresponsible and that's why I think it's not a good style," said Günther.

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