Monday , August 2 2021

“Duel around the world” – crazy! Fabian Hambüchen jumps off the dam – TV

You need nerves like steel cables for this show!

This time, too, no one was spared – in Duel around the World, some stars faced terrifying challenges this week. Again, it was about fighting for a country point either for their host Joko Winterscheidt (41) or Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (37) – sometimes in bizarre challenges.

Actor Axel Stein (38) Should have been shot in Liechtenstein with the smallest weapon in the world, seasickness of pop singer Vanessa Mai (28) left a souvenir in the Norwegian ocean, and former footballer Thorsten Legat (52) was supposed to be on “Schellen” – World Championships ”in Russia.

Olympic champion in gymnastics Fabian Hambüchen (33) was sent to Switzerland for team Klaas and still did not know what to expect. But Joko had already started a short song: “Don’t cry when Fabi falls, there, there, there, there …”

A reference to a place that the gymnast had to visit in connection with the challenge: a dam in Switzerland.

What Fabian saw then made him very worried: “And there’s a crane inside! I’ve aleady been scared… “

While explaining the main task, his knees started shaking properly: “We’d like you to do gymnastics on that hoop hoist!”

Mr. Hambüchen is more professional than the horizontal bar: “Shit. Olympic Games, Rio 2016. I became an Olympic winner on the horizontal bar. I haven’t been to the rings since the end of my career! Challenger Joko just shrugged, “Oh, high bar, rings … both start with an” R “. “

The Olympic champion was almost abandoned: “I’m sick of it all. I completely lost faith in myself! “

But then he dared and made an almost Olympic performance with rings. In the end, he even provided a spectacular climax and just let go! Despite the security it was a moment of shock for the audience! Fabian Hambüchen explained in retrospect: “At the end of the day, it’s freestyle and the finish line. You’re actually standing on the floor. So it was clear to me that I had to let go of the rings. “

So perfectly composed – and a point for Team Klaas. Ultimately, it was not enough to make a profit. After the dramatic final at 12:36, the winner was finally sure: Joko Winterscheidt defended his title “World Champion” and won the “Duel around the world”.

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