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On the eve of the mid-term elections in the US, the round of Frank Plasberg is working on the president of the United States. The question is whether Trump is currently mainly attributed to economic success. Or division in society.

TV review by Johannes Kuhn

This is important for US voters during the semester

Trump, Refugees, #metoo – The statements of men and women between California and New York.

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Why "terminators" are so important to Trump

Will the elections be held with the President of the United States? What is the starting position? What are the chances of the Democrats? Answers to the most important questions.

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"The average election was boring, who ever heard of them?" He praised Donald Trump. "And now they are the hottest!" While the US president boasts for the final of the election campaign in Cleveland itself, on Monday evening the guests of Frank Plasberg are also trying to discuss this "hottest thing" with the necessary distance. So less demagogic than German.

The occasion for this is not only the Wednesday election on Tuesday, but the confusion on the way to the former US model democracy in general. Where German citizens agree at least with the credibility of the current US president: only 10% of Germans trust Trump, according to a recent PEW survey. on Difficult but fair However, parity in talk shows is usually maintained.

As Trump's critic, Plasberg's team invited the German-American television actor Walter Sittler, who hopes that "educated people in the Republicans" will become Trump's job by 2020 at the latest. Linguist Elisabeth Wehling, who teaches in Berkeley, California, testifies that the US president is "qualified in the field of neuroscience and language research". Which does not mean literally, and certainly not as a compliment. Above all, he considers Trump as an unscrupulous and cunning rhetorician who manipulates the electorate.

Ralph Freund arrived on the Pro Trump ticket, the vice president of "Republican Abroad Germany", ie US Republicans in Germany. He explains that Trump is not "his absolute favorite", but he often does good politics. Which roughly corresponds to the attitude of the Republican Party staff on the other side of the ocean, where the inner party opposition "Never Trumper" no longer plays a role.

Trump's responsibility

The second supporter of Trump is Georg Pazderski, vice president of AfD. Five years as an officer of the staff of the Federal Armed Forces in the American Command of the US Armed Forces in Florida qualifies Colonel A.D. as a guest. As expected, the leader of the AfD parliamentary group in the Berlin House of Representatives defends the US president and his acute anti-immigration rhetoric: "In the US, you can speak a more difficult language than in Germany," he says. I leave it open, or has it as a compliment.

Peter Beyer from CDU sits between chairs. A member of the German Bundestag is responsible for transatlantic cooperation as the commissioner of the federal government. His criticism of Trump's unilateralism and trade policy reflects the government's attitude – his disappointment with American political decadence is personal: "It looks like there is no common ground between the political corridors of Republicans and Democrats", he regrets. This is neither a compliment nor a criticism, but a realistic statement.

Within 75 minutes, it is Trump's responsibility: for example, for a good economic situation. Everything inherited from Obama is what Trump's opponents say. Once again fueled by him, emphasize his attorneys. Increasing military expenses of NATO countries? It was only under pressure that Trumpy appeared, says Afd Man Pazderski. Already agreed in 2014, Beuer's CDU response. There is a difference between the expression of will and action, Plasberg intervenes.

But the debate on accountability also applies to Trump's rhetoric and hatred in the country that is supposed to lead. "Cowardly" actor Sittler calls the president of the United States because he is not responsible for his statements, even after the trailer sends pipe bombs to political opponents.

The Republican friend defends the president's rhetoric, including defaming Central American immigrants as criminals and terrorists: "It hurts, but he puts his finger on the wound because the problems have not been resolved." Maybe because it is not the most urgent problem? Over the past two years, the Republican percentage has tripled, citing immigration as a major political problem. Is it really Trump gathering mood or Trump, triggering the mood?

Question about the choice of words

Speech scientist Wehling describes the shifting of focus topics by "framing" several times this evening, often quite extensively and scientifically, but in the end it usually surpasses the level of talk shows in a helpful way. This has an effect on whether someone is talking about "rules" or "protective provisions" that they want to get rid of. A lie, repeated quite often, can become a perceived truth. And who, like Trump, speaks every day about the upcoming fall and fear, just create the right atmosphere.

At this point, the program in which it is pleasantly civilized and relatively close to the fact is coming to an end, and the debate has long since returned to Germany. Of course, he again addresses the issue of refugees and the political climate in this country.

Referring to the rhetorical constant escalation of the party, Plasberg asks if AfD purposely uses language as a mood agent. "Language is a reflection of society," says AfD Pazderski's man. Trump's usual advocates on US news would be delighted: if the Germans are already buying too little US merchandise, some politicians have at least imported this trick to blur the difference between cause and effect.

Trump is lying and rushing because it was useful to him earlier

The Americans redefine part of the parliament in the middle of the semester. But because he is at stake for the president, he is involved in the election campaign.

Comment Hubert Wetzel

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