Lena Meyer-Landrut with a slipped mountain – and you see a completely different person


Lena Meyer-Landrut can convince fans thanks to the latest photos after a small discussion. But one thing is certain: he is not a 27-year-old singer.

Lena Meyer-Landrut: The photo provokes enthusiasm

Update from November 7, 10.00 clock: At the moment, Lena Meyer-Landrut does not deliver her new albums to her fans, she released her last in May 2015. But Instagram is definitely lacking on her account. Almost every three days, 27-year-old post photos appear. Seductive look and slightly open lips in a set. However, for some fans, especially pictures without crops, are contrary to the criticism, the vocalist is much too skinny. But with her latest post, Lena Meyer-Landrut takes a completely different tone: in a green dress, she lolls on a car seat with raised top – and starts enthusiasm among the fans.

"Everywhere, green lights, when you are free", he writes under his post on Instagram. This mysterious description of the painting does not stop her fans from finding a super post. "Beautiful as always", "amazingly nice" or "dream on two legs", delight users. The whole whirl in her image with open pants, as we read below, seems to be forgotten.

But one of her followers sees a completely different person in the picture: "So there are … Cordula Green!", The user speculates. Whether or not the singer refers to this year's hit by Wiesna is not clear. The catchy song will remain in any case.

Lena Meyer-Landrut puts the picture in open pants – then the fans start each other

Update from November 5, 10.17:

A new photo, which Lena Meyer-Landrut wrote on Instagram on Sunday, provokes a heated discussion among her fans. Then, the 27-year-old presented itself in a sexy mood of a boy: with wide legs with a buttoned up strap and a white top – a type of undershirt. First of all, the singer's belly provides their followers to talk.

Most of their supporters agree. "Beautiful", "Hot", "Hammer-woman" or "How can you be so incredibly beautiful?" He is under the photo of the singer to read. But while some are enthusiastic, other users notice details that are not that stunning.

"Bissi faintly thin, with all due respect", "Terribly thin" or "Oh my God … how thin you are": Such comments can be found under the photograph. Some people are seriously worried about the singer. "They do not look really healthy," says the user who has doubts.

Some followers who find critical words about Lena's character will soon become involved in their fans. "Why only so thin", asks the user and immediately receives a generous advertisement: "Just cut it off if you do not like it." This and other hot debates have already been removed from comments.

Completely different, not quite seriously, the council has then the fan: "Go to your pants, you will not be sick."

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Lena Meyer-Landrut places a shocked photo – it's almost unrecognizable

Update from October 28, 2018, 22:57: Gänsehaut-Feeling calls Lena Meyer-Landrut with her fans. The singer (27) has published a photo on Instagram, where she is barely recognizable. Blood flows from her eyes. And with white contact lens and blonde hair, Lena Meyer-Landrut really looks disturbing. The zombie bride is in the "Halloween mood", as she writes in the picture.

Their supporters are a bit confused, but they celebrate the morbid appearance of horror. From "Oh my God, Lena", "It looks like victims of domestic violence, but good" on "This is a horror movie", read in the comments.

"Really great, well done and you can see it again, true beauty can not be disfigured", praises the incredibly beautiful admirer. However, the details make a lot of speechless: her wig. The blonde is simply stunned. Lena Meyer Landrut their hair color is unfaithful and her mane is bleached?

"Embarrassing": Lena Meyer-Landrut puts in photos and shows too much skin

Update from October 28, 2018: Lena Meyer-Landrut is no longer just for the music and her victory in ESC, but also for her sometimes quite revealing photos on Instagram. And on Saturday the 27-year-old hit again. In the social network, Lena Meyer-Landrut sent a photo that attracted some of her fans.

In the picture, Lena is sitting in a chair, looking at her cell phone. But their fans care less – because what imitators rather attract the eye, is a tight, white body with a very high cut of legs, Lena Meyer-Landrut dressed up, and the step simply covers the basic things. Your legs? They are naked. Only on his legs he wears a pair of white sneakers. And of course this is not enough for many fans.

"Tania and slutty," commented one user, revealing the photo, and the other finds: "Nice slutty". Another user is irritated by the photographic flood of the ESC winner: "1001. Hated, dressed in Photoshop, photo of her, Lena is not a serious musician, and for every woman a shame, she only identifies with the body, embarrassing."

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Lena Meyer-Landrut is throwing the trend for a drink in a tight outfit – fans only look at one detail

Update from October 24, 201
8Matcha Latte has been "coming" for some time. Many celebrities swear by a green tea-based drink.

singer Lena Meyer-Landrut (27) she rushed to the last post on Instagram as a fan of matcha latte. Apparently these things play a special role for the ESC winner.

"I do not get along in Matcha Latte," Lena Meyer-Landrut writes about the picture and adds another blinking face. In addition, the artist was photographed with a large glass in her hand in a free-form sports outfit. He stands in front of the exposed brick wall and still has a transparent straw on his lips. But what Lena Meyer-Landrut likes to eat seems to be of little interest to some fans.

Lena Meyer-Landrut polarizes her fans

Comments relate to a different topic: Lena's stomach, and especially her body weight. The question of whether the 27-year-old has too few on his ribs, distributes his fans over and over again. Some are worried and shocked, consider the singer too lean.

"More ribs than a six pack? Be careful of the diet!", Warns the fan "You are very pretty, but you have to eat more," says another.

Others are enthusiastic about their character or simply do not understand these eternal weight discussions. The reactions are irritated accordingly. "God, the whole thing, you have to eat more" – gibberish "," again only full posts here on the road, you should eat more, such nonsense "or" Just let her live her life "read in the comments.

Lena Meyer-Landrut surprises her fans and shows her child

Update from October 22, 2018: It's just a snapshot, but Lena Meyer-Landrut (27) makes it a powerful whirlwind. Because of this photo, the singer really surprised her fans on Instagram. The 27-year-old is openly showing her child.

"Me and my child # 1", writes Lena Meyer-Landrut as Insta and ends with heart emoji. Their supporters applaud and are delighted. "How sweet you two", "Dreamteam" or "you are so cute" can be read in the comments.

The child is "Kiwi", a sweet hybrid of singer Leny Meyer-Landrut. The musician adopted a dog from a shelter about two years ago. "Kiwi" is a street bitch from Greece. In fact, "Kiwi" also has its own Instagram account. However, little information has been published in recent months. Maybe Lena Meyer-Landrut feels guilty, so she – quite a lover – has published such a moving declaration of love for her beloved.

Lena Meyer-Landrut bends down with a deep cleavage

Update from October 14, 2018: If you have a deep cleavage, you should avoid leaning too far. Lena Meyer-Landrut whistles at this principle and also publishes her picture on Instagram. Although this is in aesthetic black and white, you can still see many fans on the bust. This is due to the comment, but it is too offensive to play here.

There are many compliments of the brand "How beautiful can a person really be?" – Some people think that Lena looks like she was in the bathroom.

Lena Meyer-Landrut is particularly lusty – and immediately gets a clear offer

Update from October 12, 2018: Wow, what a picture! Lena Meyer-Landrut published a new photo on Instagram on Thursday evening. Lasciviously, he puts his head in her hand and holds her little finger on the striking red lips. A thoughtful expression from heavily painted eyes.

Lena immediately gets an offer from a fan: "You want to be my girlfriend," writes one of them – and (of course) he does not get an answer at first. "Uh is getting hotter", he delegated the next one. "Mmh you are a seductive woman" – the third user.

In fact, the picture is rather serious than erotic. "Defeat your fears," so "overcome your fears," wrote Lena.

The 27-year-old should be pleased that there is much praise – except for a few critical remarks, such as the fact that the photo was taken. "Beautiful", "Sooo cute", "Very serious and thoughtful face, but beautiful" are further reactions of followers.

But our favorite comment remains: "You are so beautiful and everyone who reads it." Thanks, dear Instagram user, "lotti.ldr".

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Lena Meyer-Landrut places a new photo on Instagram

Update from October 6, 2018:

Lena Meyer-Landrut has published a new photo on Instagram. The 27-year-old singer poses between two men – people wearing neckties and suits. Background: Lena was a guest at a charity event.

"On the occasion of October 3, the day of German unity, which means the process of freedom and self-determination, it means the possibility of fulfilling dreams in our country, realizing regardless of sex, what color of skin we have or who we love," begins the text next to the picture.

Lena Meyer-Landrut: Instagram photo provides Zoff among fans

At first, it seems not very interesting for her fans. The tracking person looks at a completely different detail: his face. The user writes: "Help, what happened to her face? Botox ?? Splashed lips ???". It does not appeal so well to other fans. "No, only inflatedly inflated tits," he opposed the user in an ironic way. "Your questions are so unnecessary and simply brazen."

Another user asks if Lena Meyer-Landrut is pregnant? Looking at her well-toned stomach is rather unrecognizable. On the other hand, she is very much appreciated by her charity campaign.

Lena Meyer-Landrut places a new photo – the legs are eye-catching

Update from October 4, 2018:

Another loud sweater again! But orange fumble is not the only thing that takes a look at the new Instagram photo by Lena Meyer-Landrut. Legs, barely veiled, show them an eye! "You have such beautiful legs", the user delights. The picture even looks like the singer has no pants. As once for the World Championships.

One even aims below the belt: "Hands up!", Demands. Others are more friendly. It is also said "Wow beautiful" and "As pretty as ever".

Who wipes the right or clicks the arrow, but he sees the whole outfit, even from the back: the eye-catching Lena sweater, therefore combined with the tight-fitting short black pants.

Lena-Meyer Landrut is on vacation in Paris

Update from October 1, 2018:

Lena-Meyer Landrut likes to share holidays with fans on Instagram. Also during her trip to France. In fact, she moved to Paris. More specifically, to the Basilica of the Lesser Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre, built in the neo-Byzantine style of the Roman Catholic pilgrimage church.

Anyone who expects one of their usual permissive photos will be disappointed. Although Lena rarely shows up in a long-sleeved shirt, the singer knows exactly what's in the church.

Lena-Meyer Landrut: An observer on Instagram has an urgent request

It is rather a commentary on a photo that catches the eye. An imitator tells of a tragic story and asks Lena for help: "Hello, my dear, unfortunately, my friend's nine-year-old nephew has leukemia. Unfortunately, unfortunately, Chemos has failed and we are urgently looking for a suitable stem cell donor. link to his and DKMS's general site for donations !! It's quick and easy to test – stick – be a giver! Thank you very much! #helftkai "

Whether Lena-Meyer Landrut would comply with this proposal was not clear at first. If you still want to help Kai, you can find HERE.

Lena Meyer-Landrut is a mystery with new photos – fans have suspicions

Update from September 29, 2018:

Lena Meyer-Landrut published new photos on Instagram on Friday. Surprise: she has relatively high rates for her. Above, a thick red fleece sweater. In the second picture (wiping on the phone or on the desktop, click the arrow), and then at least a short skirt and sexy shoes to admire.

But Lena wants to direct her appearance. "Guess who I look at," he calls his fans. There are several sweet Emoji. In this respect, it will be clear to whom her in love looks: her boyfriend Max. Was he on set?

Fans have the same suspicion: "You're probably looking at Max" is one of many similar comments (apart from various brands "Sooooo pretty" or "Oh my God, I have to have this sweater, where is he from?").

For a follower it is more hope than reality, if it answers the question "Guess who I look at" using "me".

Update from September 28, 2018: Lena Meyer-Landrut in ultra-short stupidity

The latest photo of Instagram by Lena Meyer-Landrut is again devoted to her cooperation with the cosmetics manufacturer. The singer hangs loosely on the street and writes "Hangs in Paris" – the picture was taken in the capital of France.

Noticeable: how short is the top that Lena wears. He often wears clothes that are free from crops. But so much her slim middle section rarely shows.

For some, this belly is a bit too thin. "Eat something, you have the role model function, think about it" – someone blames you.

Another user hits Lena: "Are you all jealous of your character? Who are you, that you imagine what Lena is good or bad? Lena, you look great and you feel very good. Stay as you are!"

Under the picture there are two camps, which is not often on her profile on Instagram. And all because of the promotional image …

Update from September 24, 2018:

Lena Meyer-Landrut fans on Instagram are getting money lately. Almost every day, the singer publishes self-portraits and snapshots of her life on her social media channel, which she likes to use to liven up her followers. Just two weeks ago, the German ESC winner let his followers take part in her holidays in Greece – of course the bikini pictures – and back home, the 27-year-old knows how to convince.

In his latest post, Meyer-Landrut looks more seriously and more seriously in the camera lens and comments on his expression with the commentary "I'm really much happier when I look at this picture." But the sight of many fans probably did not focus only on the expression of the face, because a bit further the singer shows a tight outfit. Under a black jacket that casually hangs on her shoulders, she wears a strapless, tight top that allows her to see her dream body well.

Proponents seem satisfied in every case. "Beautiful! No matter what facial expression, "the user writes." Very good … you're like wine … improving, "notes another. In Insta's history, the 27-year-old also shows what the hot outfit is designed, there you can see them behind the scenes before they appear, for the sound of two acoustic guitars of their song "Stardust" for the best. The jacket even came to him.

Update of September 21, 2018: Lena Meyer-Landrut in Wow dress

Lena Meyer-Landrut has published a new photo that impressed me. At first it looks very mature. "You look like Victoria Beckham," says one user. Add to this a thoughtful look that suggests its text.

And: Anyone who does not look like Lena Meyer-Landrut in the face, but lets him look further, he can almost think that something will appear in the dress … but it depends on everyone's imagination.

Update of September 20, 2018: Lena Meyer-Landrut in Wow dress

Lena Meyer-Landrut has been invited to Dreamball 2018 as a guest. Since 2006, the annual charity gala takes place in Berlin. The motto of this year's Dreamball, an event organized by the help organization DKMS Life, was: "Brave, Bright, Beautiful".

During the evening gala, Lena was also on stage and had a great performance. She also appeared with confidence in her award-winning ESC song "Satellite."

She did not want to hide the shutter of her backless evening gown on Instagram. For the photo she sent a message to her supporters and all those who fight cancer: "Last night was special, thank you for taking me on a dreamball, love all the strong and beautiful souls that fight cancer."

Most of her fans were really excited about the dress. "Look amazingly beautiful in a dress" – wrote the user. Another particularly liked the back cleavage: "Beautiful back can also be a pleasure". But not everyone was so enthusiastic, especially that the blow around their butt disliked: "In Po throws ridiculous wrinkles and tumors … Can not on the body, must be on the dress."

More about Lenie Meyer-Landrut can be found here: Lena Meyer-Landrut changed his appearance in the face – detail of anxious fans

Update: Oops! What happened here at Lenie Meyer-Landrut?

Lena Meyer-Landrut took a small break on the Greek island of Mykonos. 27 year old lolle pleasant in the sun by the pool, which has been proved in the photos on her Instagram account. The singer also gives a very intimate insight into your vacations. Lena Meyer-Landrut appears at a special moment, namely in the morning. Apparently, I just got up, still a little sleepy, wrapped in a cozy dressing gown without makeup. Her hair hid the singer under a turban with a towel.

What does Lena Meyer-Landrut wear under the plush bathrobe?

"Good morning", writes Lena Meyer-Landrut and assigns them sun-emoji. Then a significant hashtag #kriegdieaugennichtnichtauf.

A naked knee can be seen at the bottom of the picture. Her beard supported her 27-year-old hand. At one point, he stares at the camera while the robe slides off his left shoulder. Lena Meyer-Landrut is probably naked under the frot. In any case, the tip is not at the top of the bikini or underwear. Coincidence or intention? A few more inches and no one will have to break their sensual morning glance.

See you at tz.de *: Hot Bikini Shot – that's how Lena Meyer-Landrut welcomes you

Update: Lena publishes more marine photos

On Thursday evening Lena Meyer-Landrut founded. And she showed that she was preparing for supper and putting on earrings.

"You get more beautiful every day", the fan is happy quickly. "Is this the way you go to eat?" Another person wonders about tight clothes

The photo appeared! Lena Meyer-Landrut looks completely different, as extratipp.com reports *.

Lena Meyer-Landrut puts a hot picture on Instagram – the fans mix it with another star

Mykonos – While late summer in Germany is slowly but surely approaching the inevitable end, singer Lena Meyer-Landrut does not have much at the moment. The 27-year-old, who will release her new studio album in November, is currently having a sunny break on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos, and of course her fans will not be neglected either.

More #Lena: Wow! Lena Meyer-Landrut sends wet holiday wishes from the Bikini Zone, as extratipp.com reports *.

"Früchtchen" Lena impresses her fans during the holidays

Known for turning her head on her followers on Instagram and having a hot insight into her life, Meyer-Landrut has already announced Wednesday a photo of the pool from a time she only received from a tight bathing suit with a stylish lemon print. The singer also sent a hot and fruity and stylish greetings from the Greek archipelago on Thursday. This time the lemon had to serve another fruit.

"Peach" – which means both peach and "miraculous" – stands on the cap, which the 27-year-old carries, while she looks lasciviously at the lens of her smartphone. In addition, Lena wears a black strapless top that gives her a good view, tanned by the Greek sun, the body. Also a message for her supporters, a singer with: "Good morning, have a nice day, try today to be your best friend." Appreciate yourself and love yourself. "

Video: Lena shows her stretch marks

Lena reminds fans of another superstar: "Here you look like …"

A request that seems to please their fans. "Why do you always say exactly what fits? Thank you Leni," writes the user on Instagram. "Inspiration from the first day", praises another singer fan. But the appearance of the 27-year-olds in the comments is a lot of discussions, because many observers feel at Lena's latest painting, another pop star recalls.

"Here you look like Victoria Beckham", you can read in the comments column. "You look like Victoria Beckham in the picture. You can decide for yourself whether this is good or bad," another user writes. The German ESC winner also reminds other English fans of "Spice Girl" and the wife of former footballer David Beckham. It remains to be hoped that the 27-year-old, unlike her British look-alike, is not taught in the pictures, laughing.

Spice-girl and player-wife Victoria Beckham.

© dpa / Guillaume Horcajuelo

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