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Modern Warfare: Battle Royal is coming? A gigantic leak speaks for it

For some time, there has been speculation about the Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Dataminer now provides transparency. Does this mode finally appear?

  • Already in the preparatory phase there was speculation about a possible Battle Royale mode for Modern Warfare.
  • Reddit-Leak shows all possible information about the mode.
  • How many players can play Battle Royale at the same time?
  • When does the mode appear in Modern Warfare?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare broke all records at the start weekend. Despite the age of the game series, interest in shootings from the first person perspective does not decrease. Ground war mode is now available in Modern Warfare Multiplayer battles with up to 64 playersHowever, the community requires more. They want one Battle Royale mode in Modern Warfare. This wish may soon become a reality.

Reddit Leak reveals Modern Warfare Battle Royale

As Reddit found out, Modern Warfare will soon be extended to Battle Royale. User under a pseudonym "U / Senescallo" is Datamarker. This means that it looks for information in video game files.

In the files of the Modern Warfare game he now found some information about the upcoming Battle Royale mode. According to the leak, the beginning 15 map zones be available. Among them are already known maps from ground combat mode in Call of Duty. These cards are confirmed according to Leak:

  • airport
  • Boneyard
  • dam
  • downtown
  • Gulag
  • hospital
  • stop
  • lumber
  • overgrown
  • Harbor
  • quarry
  • Warehouse city
  • Supercenter
  • Train yard
  • TV station

Modern Warfare: this is what the Battle Royale card can look like.

© Reddit: Modern Warfare

Option for one Private Match should also be. Like the regular Modern Warfare multiplayer mode, it also enters Battle Royale mode Mission system with more rewards give. According to the spill, only one mission can be active at a time. In addition, Dataminer already lists six different types of tasks:

  • Tracked (no further information)
  • Timed Run (no further information)
  • Asassination (disable specific player)
  • Scavenger Hunt (collecting scavenger boxes)
  • Domination (taking a specific point)
  • Random (random mission)

The loot in the game is divided into five rarities, White, green, blue, purple and gold. In general, expect a player 20 perksthat are already known from multiplayer. Like Apex Legends, Modern Warfare is also known as Jump Master, which sets the jump route for your team.

Battle Royale in Modern Warfare: an innovative 1-on-1 rebirth system in Gulag

As in other Battle Royale titles, Modern Warfare also Federation Rebirth Token
th belong. If you believe this rumor, run Re-entry to the new Battle Royale CoD in a very special way. If you use one of the respawn tokens, the killed companion will not get up again immediately. Instead, it must be in one Prove 1 on 1 other "dead"It takes on the classics Call of Duty Gulag card instead. The winner returns to Battle Royale.

Fun Fact: All expelled players can do well watching life and death in a duel and put it on the exit. In addition, all killed players should have this opportunity regularly get out of the gulagreturn to the 200-player Battle Royale map. It remains to be seen how exactly this should work.

How many players can simultaneously use Battle Royale in Modern Warfare?

According to the leak up to 200 players simultaneously Play Battle Royal mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Game modes are divided into solo (1 player), duo (2 players) and troops (4 players).

When does Battle Royale appear in Modern Warfare?

Although the leak is very detailed, unfortunately the Battle Royale release date for Modern Warfare is still missing. It remains only to speculate. Maybe the goal is to be released in Decemberto increase sales of new computing power for the holidays. Although "u / Senescallo" was once very correct because of its leaks, it is Take information carefully, The data provided may still change for release. * has already looked at patch 1.08 in Modern Warfare. In addition, 9 tricks are available in Modern Warfare for a better K / D ratio.

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