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product inspection The gap has shrunk

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Product: 6T. Supplier: OnePlus.

Dthe OnePlus tact is high. Every six months the Chinese manufacturer renews its flagship smartphone. The 6T has just been released. The optimized successor of the OnePlus 6 still resembles the Apple iPhone family. The visible difference is visible at the top of the screen. There, OnePlus installed in the so-called Notch selfie camera with 16 megapixels. Apple also uses a thermal imaging camera for face recognition. 6T uses only the camera. Unlocking works, however, very quickly and effectively in a dark environment with sufficient screen brightness. Payments via Google Pay can only be made for security reasons using a fingerprint sensor or a pin input.

The speaker, which Apple also houses in Notch, hides the OnePlus in a bizarre break between the glass and the metal frame above the selfie camera. It is doubtful, however, that in everyday use there is no quick deposition of dust and dirt and affect the sound quality in conversations. In addition, the top speaker is not used to play sound in 6T mode, which prevents stereo sound.

The reduced cut in OnePlus makes the smartphone look more elegant. While the previous device has a 6.28-inch AMOLED display installed, the manufacturer now uses a 6.44-inch screen in 6T mode with a resolution of 2340 by 1080 pixels (402 ppi). By the way, the display – just like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro – also serves as a fingerprint sensor. A small camera is installed under the display in the bottom third of the display. Unlocking the device works very quickly. But it becomes problematic when the finger is wet. Then 6T hits. Dirty fingers also do not like a smartphone. But it also has competition problems.

No longer being in the new flagship smartphone for the headphone jack, OnePlus was recently advertised as a special feature in the world of smartphones. But the manufacturer places the adapter on the USB-C port, but there are no headphones, and the OnePlus uses the space saved on batteries by 20 percent more. He currently has 3,700 instead of 3,300 millio-hour hours, like his predecessor. Induction charging dominates in the flagship OnePlus model, but not in the case of Fast Charging. In addition, you can use two SIM cards, but without additional Micro SD.

Not much has been done compared to the OnePlus 6 in using the camera. The back, 6T again uses a dual camera with twelve and 20 megapixel sensors. However, the new algorithm should provide a better look of the face, texts, food and night scenes. In the portraits of the test, however, they seem to be slightly incorrectly marked. In addition, 6T makes the colors much stronger than they really are. As a result, the shots look a bit vociferous, which is nice to watch on a large display.

Inside, the OnePlus still beats the heart of the Snapdragon 845 processor, which allows in conjunction with the fast work of Android 9 Pie. 6T will be released on November 6 in the colors Midnight Black and Mirror Black. The basic version with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory should cost 549 euros. Those who prefer 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB of memory, receive a device for 579 or 629 euros. By the way, the dimensions of the OnePlus in all dimensions are almost identical to the iPhone Xs Max.

Conclusions: OnePlus 6T is a successful development of its predecessor with several new hardware functions. The new fingerprint sensor works quickly and without major difficulties. Due to the narrower notch, the display looks better. In general, it is one of the most powerful devices on the market. In combination with a low price, 6T also offers a good price / performance ratio.


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