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So your horse is driving an autopilot

Do you want to automatically allow horse riding to the designated destination in Red Dead Redemption 2? No problem! It's so easy to activate the autopilot and the horse finds its own way.

A large part of the game in Red Dead Redemption 2 is horse riding from one point to another. But whoever wants, does not have to drive a horse, but can sit comfortably and enjoy the surroundings.

Horses with automatic running: Together with the Cinematic camera, you activate the option to automatically start your gala. Here we will show you how to easily start the function.

Automatic running on horses in RDR 2

At the same time observing the surroundings and controlling the horse can be difficult in the long run. Finally, along the way are cute animals and detailed landscapes. Because you can be distracted and accidentally go before a stone or an oncoming figure.

Traveling in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be more relaxed if you give control over your horse. All you need to do is focus on what happens on the way. Your attention is needed when bandits appear.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Snow

Which way does the horse run away? After setting the end mark, the horse goes along roads and paths – but not cross-country.

Are you still missing a good horse? It's so easy to catch the best wild horse in RDR 2.

How to activate the autopilot:

  • First select the destination on the map, which you can mark with the route marker. For example, the location of the Viking set in RDR 2
    • Then you will see the route marked in red on the map. Your horse will follow this path
  • Now start driving normally and set with A (Xbox) or X (PS4) how fast the horse should move
  • When reaching the desired speed, hold A or X. As if you were riding at a companion pace
  • While holding the A or X button, press and hold the camera perspective button
    • In the bottom right corner you can see that it activates the cinema camera
  • After activation, your horse follows the given route – you do not have to do anything anymore and you can release both buttons

Red Dead Redemption 2 charactersTaxes during autopilot: When the horse follows the track, you can continue to accelerate with A or X and brake with RB (on Xbox) or R1 (on PS4). By pressing the right analog stick, you change the angle of the cinema camera.

Turn off the autopilot: Use analog sticks to regain control of the horse. Press the camera button again to exit the Cinematic camera.

Disadvantages of the autopilot in RDR 2

Due to the different angles of the camera, you can experience events later or even late, and then prepare for them.

In addition, you will be surprised by the rogues who are waiting for you and have little time to prepare for the shooting.

Riding Red Dead Redemption 2 gears

Keep your swarms handy when you travel by autopilot.

Another way to travel in RDR 2 is a fast journey. So you unlock them.

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