Sunday , November 17 2019
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Spotify account: family members must have the same address

Up to six people can use the music streaming service on the Spotify Family account. But only as long as they live under one roof, so they have the same address. Spotify wants to control it more rigorously in the future. And reserves the right to block or even delete accounts.

According to the terms of use, the limitation of the family account was longer. Practically no attention was paid – or there was no possibility of control. However, in the United States, Spotify is now asking its members for GPS data. The terms of use now also show in Germany that the addresses of all users are checked in the account. The website reserves the right to immediately request. "We may from time to time ask you to provide your home address again to see if you still qualify for Premium Family Service."

Spotify recently missed its own subscription plans, but remains a leader in the field of streaming music to Apple. The service is used by 108 million customers. Recently, Spotify invests more in podcasts. For example, podcasters can retrieve usage data. This is not possible on other platforms because episodes are usually available for download. The download does not allow you to tap on actual listening behavior.

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