The Amsterdam Crime: Death in the Prinzengracht


Berlin (dpa) – Now it's Amsterdam. In cities such as Athens, Barcelona, ​​Bolzano, Lisbon and Zurich, Thursday's thriller in the first will soon join Prague (December 6).

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It is also being studied in Croatia, on the island of Usedom and soon in Ireland (spring 2019). And this is just a selection of ARD thrillers playing in some cities or regions. On Thursday (November 22) the first series of "Thriller crime from Amsterdam" will start in the first at 20.15. The first episode is entitled "Death in the Prinzengracht" and the second episode is "Risen" exactly one week later. Criminals chase Hannes Jaenicke (58) as LKA's investigative Alex Pollack.

It starts immediately loud: At the provoked local station in Amsterdam, which secretly determined, she provoked a shooter to protect her friend Katja Wolf (Alice Dwyer). A little later, it turns out that private roles also play an important role, because it has a relationship with it, which should remain a mystery. Also because he was based on the mafia boss Koning (Raymond Thiry) and as the main suspect counts to the murder of an Amsterdam police colleague.

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For some time, she has been working – disguised as Isabel Baumann – for the transport company Tom Fischer (really nasty: Sascha Alexander Geršak) who accidentally works as a drug communicator and makes her a marriage proposal. Because it is equipped with a transmitter, it is constantly connected to Pollack. He must listen to this – just as Fischer suddenly arrests her and apparently shoots her; he saw through his game.

The view is much more difficult for the viewer, because Pollack is at first completely hidden, so without the knowledge of his boss and without the necessary information to the Dutch police Bram de Groot (very authentic: Fedja van Huet). At some point, they both work together, but – whether it's all realistic and matter-of-fact investigative work, it's an open question. The theme of the film is trust and distrust.

Hannes Jaenicke is currently working on a new ZDF reportage on the extinction of the native song and migratory birds. Referring to his new role as an investigator, he told the German news agency: "Even if the series is called" thriller ", our film is a pure thriller, less about the Crime Corps and" Who has this corpse on his conscience? rather, emotions and tension. "In addition, the film tells the story of a forbidden love story that is rarely seen in crimes recognized by critics.

It can be true. "Urbino thriller" in the first of Jaenicke was discontinued in 2016. This time, you probably should not be afraid, because the film turns out to be more and more brutal (directed by: Michael Kreindl), shows good actors, says it exciting, offers a lot of action with cleverly built flashbacks and virtually no idyllic tourist postcard.

Jaenicke's face is often seen up close, as well as hidden microphones or seemingly secret meetings in the Reich Museum or on a residential boat. Cliches are not abused in the new thriller "Amsterdam". Viewers find out that city dwellers usually do not wear wooden shoes – and do not even stink.


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