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The Coronavirus: How Coronavirus Enter The Brain And What It Does There

The coronavirus affects not only the lungs. It is now considered a multi-organ virus and also attacks the brain, among others. This is how it gets there.

Dortmund – This CoronavirusWhat has been with us and has occupied us for months is considered dangerous Pulmonary disease. However, it did Virus not only affects it Lungebut it can also do it brain damage. Scientists have now figured out how to do this Virus goes to our head.

Virus Sars-CoV-2 Coronavirus
disease Covid-19
Symptoms Cough, fever, loss of smell and taste

Coronavirus infection also affects other organs – such as the brain

Covid-19 – this is the name of the disease caused by Sars-CoV-2 Coronavirus can be released. These disease it’s much more than one pneumonia. Because Covid-19 works not only in Lunge noticeable, also other organs such as the kidneys, heart or brain (all news about the coronavirus in NRW on

Knowledge Researcher from mid-year. You have all over the world scientist and various university hospitals can demonstrate how Covid-19 disease can affect organs. They could too neurological Damage which led to various corona symptoms such as headache, confusion, or loss of sense of smell and taste.

The coronavirus can cause severe brain damage

Patients don’t even have to have a heavy one History of the Crown suffer from such symptoms. Even with a mild course, this can be serious Brain damage appear. Consequential damage such as delusional fever, nerve damage, or stroke Doctors already register. Age played loudly with diagnosed psychoses, dementia-like states, or confusion Editorial network Germany does not matter.

This as well The Robert Koch Institute now he had an influence on it brain included in the Sars-CoV-2 profile. It says, “How neurological Symptoms headaches, dizziness, and other disabilities are reported which suggest the neuroinvasive properties of the virus. ”Moreover, given the long-term consequences, long-term symptoms of fatigue, memory problems, word search disorders or severe dizziness are possible even with milder courses.

Permanent brain damage caused by the corona virus, according to researchers

For a long time it was not known if this was so Coronavirus be even that brain attacks or if there is another trigger. Researchers from the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) and Charité University Medicine found that antibody there are reactions in brain trigger. You will be as a result Corona infection formed and can apart from Virus also brain cells attack.

The fatal thing: this brain it cannot regenerate like an investigator Zulfi Haneef from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston in a press release on the effects of coronavirus on the brain. One damage brain therefore it will probably be permanent.

Video: Doctors report coronavirus-related neurological problems

The coronavirus travels through the olfactory mucosa to the brain

After scientists did not know how to do this for a long time Coronavirus at all to brain can advance experts in neuropathology, pathology, forensics, virology, and clinical care Berlin Charité can now gather new knowledge. The results of the analysis were published in an industry magazine Nature Neuroscience released.

Therefore Coronaviren about The olfactory membrane Additionally brain. The olfactory membrane is located in the upper turbinates, the so-called Nasal vault on both sides of the upper nasal septum. There are approximately 10 million similar olfactory cells ENT doctors online explain.

The coronavirus affects the vital functions of the brain

During the investigation, they found Researcher highest Viruslast in The olfactory membrane. They could even find intact particles there Coronavirus turn out. “Based on these data, we assume that SARS-CoV-2 the The olfactory membrane as a gateway to brain can use ”, he writes Prof. Dr. Frank Heppner, Director of Neuropathology at Charité, in a press release.

WITH The olfactory membrane use it Coronavirus respectively, the neuroanatomical connections, such as the olfactory nerve, around brain achieve. It should still be moving from the nerve cell to the nerve cell. In addition, scientists discovered in Charité in Berlin the Coronavirus in areas of the brain that have vital functions, such as Respiratory activity Taxes.

The coronavirus is likely already making breathing in the brain difficult

“It cannot be ruled out that it is severe Covid-19 courses the virus attack in these areas of the brain dies respiratory difficult – in addition to impaired respiratory function by Virusbefall the Lungs. The same can be true of the heart and circulation, ”will Prof. Heppner in the message Charity quoted.

However, researchers note that the study only died Crown-Patiëntenwho have suffered from severe disease throughout their lives. Do the results also for Patient apply this experience, currently it cannot be said to be mild or moderate.

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